We firmly believe that hiring the best talent and robust people practices are key to creating "customer delight" and providing "best-in-class" service. Each candidate hired at Ebix goes through a rigorous selection process to ensure that the right skill set is matched with the right client requirement. Our satisfied employees translate into higher productivity, higher efficiency and job performance. This also means lower turnover of staff supporting the client and lower learning curves for client processes. This coupled with our superb training helps us provide a productive global work force.

  • Technology Expertise: Our expertise in setting up and managing technology gives us the ability to provide continuous improvement in reporting and statistics to optimize productivity.
  • Use of skilled workforce with specific focus on continuous training & upgradation.
  • Intuitive software development skills used to identify ways to improve people processes.
  • Established use of information management / technology as a strategic asset.
  • Existence of operations from which experienced manpower and skill sets can be drawn, i.e. Accounting, IT and Programming skills.
  • Seamless Knowledge Transfer: Ebix has an established approach to process the launch of each new process ensuring an effective migration of new processes.

Ebix Sourcing Model offers seamless, flexible staffing from our technology centers throughout the world. This allows companies to focus on their core competencies, knowing that they have partnered with a reliable and proven leader in outsourcing areas such as global application management, BPO and IT infrastructure outsourcing.

Ebix offers its customers the force of its 500+ applications personnel around the globe, providing a broad array of business and technical capabilities with a high-quality delivery reputation in an economically attractive model. With over 8 delivery centers around the world, Ebix offers around-the-clock service delivery and support. Ebix's Global Sourcing Model, Process Framework and High-Performance Maintenance Teams combine the right resources with the right skills to support our client's application needs-whether that work is done onsite, nearshore, or offshore.

The technology management consulting team at Ebix improves the alignment of business and technology through improved process efficiency, reduced cost and enhanced business value of IT. Our consultants combine extensive technical experience with strong strategic and business focused leadership.

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