Ebix Consulting's MyPortal, an integrated user environment customized according to user role. This enables insurance companies to improve agents' productivity—thereby enhancing customer satisfaction, increasing business responsiveness and driving new revenue opportunities.

MyPortal also provides access to the insured's specific requirements for enquiry and a one stop self-service portal for all needs by integrating multiple heterogeneous systems into one platform.


Secured Single Sign on Framework:

Ideal Insurance carrier has many web applications supporting different operations of their business. Access to each of the applications has to be in conjunction to the roles of users logging in. With MyPortal you can control this effectively and also resolve the challenge of user constantly logging on and off different systems and maintaining multiple credentials. MyPortal provides a unique powerful dashboard that allows access to all applications using single signon based on set permissions and roles.

Ebix Consulting Rules Engine:

  • To accelerate underwriting cycles by giving underwriting agents and brokers a tool to process data in real time based on business rules
  • To improve customer service by giving real-time response to the status of quotes, policies, billing and claims information
  • To enhance risk visibility, accuracy and consistency in underwriting decisions
  • To capture and archive key information/statistics from the submission module and compile information on usage of the application and underwriting decisions
  • To give instant access to information for management review, analysis and audit.
  • To reduce turnaround time and improve underwriting quality

Seamless Compatibility with COTS & Core System:

Ebix Consulting's Expertise in developing custom interfaces/PIMS (product interface modules) for multiple industry leading applications and COTS (commercial off the shelf) products enhances the MyPortal capability to seamlessly communicate with disparate and core systems in an effective manner. Each processes that drives and necessitates policy holder, agencies, produces and third party administrator (TPA) services will be provisioned by the simple implementation of Ebix Consulting interface adaptors (IIA) for heterogeneous applications thereby making them available via a single MyPortal platform.

Provides Multiple Transactional Capabilities:

It enhances the speed and accuracy by providing instant access to multiple transactions like quote, reports, billing enquiry, claims enquiry, commission statements, training material etc.

Intelligent Analytics:

Instant statistics related to Application usage and business metrics will provide you an edge to keep a tab on your business real-time. Business metrics like new policies submitted, new Business written etc besides Application usage metrics like log-in statistics, applications used, user credentials etc.


  • Web-based and 24/7 accessibility translates to improved business responsiveness
  • Single sign on capability into to effective utilization of time
  • Agents satisfaction
  • Dynamic Roles and Rights administration
  • Business Analytics for intelligent reporting
  • Secure authentication
  • On the fly adaptation of system behavior

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