How Secure is Your Data When It’s Stored in the Cloud?

As cloud storage becomes more common, data security is an increasing concern. Companies and schools have been increasing their use of services like Google Drive for some time, and lots of individual users also store files on Dropbox, Box, Amazon Drive, Microsoft OneDrive and the like. They’re no doubt concerned about keeping their information private – and millions more users might store data online if they were more certain of its security. Data stored in the cloud is nearly always stored in an encrypted form that would need to be cracked before an intruder could read the information. But as a scholar of cloud computing and cloud security, I’ve seen that where the keys to that encryption are held varies among cloud storage services. In addition, there are relatively simple ways users can boost their own data’s security beyond what’s built into systems they use. Who Holds the Keys? Commercial …


Webinar: The Changing Nature of Technology

In this webinar we will be discussing the changing nature of technology in our lives and some potential health consequences we should all be of aware of. We will also layout a simple plan for completing a short ‘Digital Detox’ and the benefits you can expect from tuning out for a while.

Protecting Workers from Falls

Construction sites are among the most dangerous places to work. Between one-third to one-half of fatalities among construction workers are due to falls, mainly from roofs, ladders, and scaffolds. But falls can also occur on the ground, when workers slip or trip while moving around the site. Even when these falls are not fatal, disabling injuries, whether temporary or permanent, can result. For employers, these accidents can be personally and financially devastating, leading to higher insurance premiums, fines, and expensive lawsuits. Because the consequences of even a single fall can be very serious, contractors must have in place a rigorous program for fall prevention. A good starting point is the Occupational Health and Safety Administration’s (OSHA) general industry fall protection standard, which includes systems and procedures designed to prevent workers from falling off, onto, or through working levels, as well as to protect employees from being struck by falling objects. …