3 Ways to Give Your Benefits Website a Fresh Look

3 Ways to Give Your Benefits Website a Fresh Look

You don’t need a huge budget to give your website a new look. With a little creativity, and some basic knowledge of how your site functions, you can make changes that can both provide employees with the content they need and give the site a fresh feel.

Here are three cost-effective things you can do to give your site a mini-revamp.

1. Reorganize Your Sitemap

Every benefit is important, yes. However, every benefit does not deserve its own page. If your sections are beginning to feel bloated with sub-sections, it’s time to change how your pages are organized and linked to each other. You don’t want employees to have to sift through your menu with the same intensity they would sift through library index cards.

Start your reorganization by looking for pages that can merge. You can use program data or Google Analytics to help you determine which pages (and benefits) receive the most attention.

Give those a prominent place. Put the others in buckets. For example, put your fitness activities all in one page. The result is fewer pages and better direction for the user.

2. Reduce and Rewrite the Content

Once you’ve reorganized the pages and links on your site, it’s time to bring out the red marker. Sort of. Look for lengthy areas – and cut! Chop the legalese. Send them to the SPD instead. Or put content in a downloadable PDF. Then rewrite. Remember, scanning is king. Reading online isn’t popular. Scanning is. Don’t expect visitors to read text sequentially. Use bullets, headlines, sub-headlines, capitalization and bold or italicized text to drive home key points. Make sure that headings are informative rather than descriptive whenever it makes sense (e.g., don’t use, “When to Enroll,” use “Enroll Before November 1”). Also, break up paragraphs into bullet points with some bold text to guide the reader.

3. Add a Twitter Feed to Your Home Page

This is one of the most powerful social media tools you can add to your site. A Twitter feed can allow your homepage to stay fresh with new content, from links to longer, interesting articles to reminders about benefits.

It’s perfect for year-round communication, which is a must these days. Send a message about your spring financial literacy courses. Tell them about your summer activities for kids. Remind them to take their flu shot during the fall health fair. Your twitter feed ensures that your site is always fresh with relevant content.

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