6 of the Latest & Greatest SmartOffice Changes

SmartOffice has just released its first update for 2017. In a new video, Director of Product Management, Bryan Eshelbrenner, has highlighted 6 of the latest and greatest changes SmartOffice users can take advantage of.

Here’s a look at the changes:

Hi, I’m Bryan Eschelbrenner from Ebix here to go over some of the highlights in SmartOffice 2017 Release 1 available [now].

1. Ever go to add a customer in SmartOffice, only to find out you’re out of available fields? Well, try again now. We’ve added 20 fields or more to every data type on every custom field object in SmartOffice. As always you can add these fields to your page layouts, you can add them as columns to your reports and they’re available as merge codes on your letter templates.

2. For those of you who bounce back and forth between SmartOffice Anywhere and SmartOffice Pro, it can be frustrating to accidentally log in to the wrong one and have to log out and back in again. To help make that easier, we’ve added a link in the header menu that takes you straight to SmartOffice Anywhere with a single click. And if you want to go the other direction, the link is in the same place [in SmartOffice Pro].

3. We’ve also added a setting in SmartOffice Anywhere that allows you to control which screen you land on when you log in. For example, if you always login to SmartOffice to view your sales pipeline, you can set this to send you to the opportunity list instead of the dashboard.

4. Sometimes you create a set in SmartOffice that you don’t want to be visible to other users. Or maybe you do want it to be visible, but you don’t want others messing with your list. To give you those options we’ve given you the “Mark Private” and “Only Modifiable by Me” checkboxes.

5. There are a lot of sophisticated visibility controls in SmartOffice, and sometimes you want to limit what you’re seeing to match somebody else in your office—maybe you’re a manager coaching a junior rep, and you want to see exactly what their book looks like to them. Or maybe you’re an admin that assists multiple reps and you only want to see one book at a time. To make this work in SmartOffice Anywhere, we’ve brought over the “See Data For” button in the header bar. From this screen, you can select data for specific users and then check off with user’s data you want to work with.

6. We’ve also made a few enhancements to the calendar in SmartOffice Anywhere. The appointments are now color coded to match what you see in SmartOffice Pro. The month view now groups for a given day instead of pushing the whole list of activities down the page. We’ve added a button to toggle between a 5-day and 7-day week view. Lastly, we’ve streamlined activity outcome even further in SmartOffice Anywhere, collapsing several screens of fields into a single screen [here] to make disposition of your tasks even faster.

Those are the highlights from Release 1. For details, check out the release notes.

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