6 Ways to Help Your Sales Team Rise Up!


Congratulations!  You have taken on a new role as a Sales Manager and are lucky enough to get an already high performing sales team who is pulling in huge numbers.  Your challenge is to keep the momentum going.  But be careful – when leadership changes on any team there is an increased risk you may lose some team members.  Therefore, the first thing any new leader needs to do is to establish credibility and trust with the team and show them you care through leading by example.  But how?

Here are 6 ways you can keep your new sales team at the top of their game:

1. Have a shared vision and set your accountability goals ambitiously high.

Spend the first 30 days taking in as much information from as many sources as possible and avoid making any large changes right out of the gate until you have all the information you need.  Focus on figuring out what matters to the company, team & individuals on the team and agree to declare what matters the most to the group collectively.  Set your sights high on continuing to obtain ambitiously high goals that will make the largest positive impact and go after these targets first – and do it together as a team. 

2. Gain alignment for a winning culture.

A group of people are not a team.  Creating and sustaining a winning team culture can provide a competitive advantage, bind the team together long-term, and provide a powerful impact on sales performance.  A team that has shared tenets can base their daily business decisions on these core principles while it gives them the agility they need to continue to win time and time again.  It is important to revisit the core tenets and the culture of the team on a continual basis to keep the momentum moving in a positive direction.  Leverage partnerships and build champions both internally and externally that can supplement the team culture over time.  You can’t maintain a winning team atmosphere by doing it alone. 

3. Use the intrinsic knowledge of your predecessor.

Your greatest source of information about how a high performance team got to the top is from the person who created it.  Employees who have mastered the art of influencing through others can provide you priceless insights about the specific team you are taking over.  Challenge your own assumptions about what you simply see displayed on a spreadsheet and dig deep to find out more about the key influencers, high potentials, and trending watch-outs. 

4. Embrace diversity and leverage its strengths collaboratively.

Each member of the team provides a unique set of experiences and perspective.  Avoid situations where one person is making all the decisions for the rest of the group.  Create a collaborative environment where the foundation of any large decision is one where the group gets to take the main concept of an idea and shape it to fit the culture and needs of the group. 

5. Establish trust between members and keep it there.

Lead by example and emulate the behavior you wish to see replicated by your team.  When you establish an environment of trust that discourages cliques, doesn’t blame others and can openly discuss any trust issues that arise, you have created an environment where team members can flourish and grow.  Communicate clearly and encourage individuals to stretch their own thinking to find creative solutions to tough business challenges.  Mindset alone can be the driving factor towards navigating through tough times and it can push results even higher in a situation where you thought it couldn’t get any higher!

6. Engage the team through sharing experiences often.

Storytelling is the greatest way to teach and it can be easily retained and recalled later.  Every person on the team can share their experiences and outcomes with the group and determine where the learning points are.  Repeating the same behavior when it is not yielding the desired results can cause frustration and impact sales results negatively.  When others realize their experiences and struggles are the same as other members on the team, it provides them with the momentum and energy they need to find continued joy and engagement in their work.


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Jennifer Imerini has over 20 years of experience working in the healthcare industry. She has expertise in understanding and developing teams, processes, and infrastructure for marketing, sales training and physician education departments within major pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies.

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