Who Needs A Training Continuum Anyway?

Sales’ mission is to create new revenue and preserve existing customers. When a sales position is filled it is very important to get the new hire up and running as quickly as possible so they can go out and make an impact! Bogging down a new hire with a long training program can get in the way of this mission. Just test the new hires and let’s all move on…

Training is an essential piece of the new hire’s on-boarding experience to ensure product knowledge is solid before making presentations to customers. So, how can sales training work with the sales department to create a win-win? One way is to weave field mentoring activities into the on-boarding experience. This helps give the representative the customer perspective while they are learning the core aspects of marketing your product. It also helps them become field-ready faster.

It’s important to note though that training doesn’t start and end with the on-boarding and training of a new hire. Training should be an integral part of your organizational culture providing a road map of continuous micro-learning opportunities as you progress in your career.

Who Needs A Training Continuum Anyway?

Contact Ebix today to discuss your current training programs and how you can fill in the gaps.  Making a training program efficient to getting a new representative ready to sell is just the first step in a training continuum. Feel free to contact our team directly or fill out the form below. From there, we can set up an individual consultation to help better understand your needs and how we can exceed them. 

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Jennifer Imerini has over 20 years of experience working in the healthcare industry. She has expertise in understanding and developing teams, processes, and infrastructure for marketing, sales training and physician education departments within major pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies.

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