IT’s Role In Improving The Health Of Consumers

IT in Healthcare

Population Health Management programs in various forms have been around for years. Health Systems, and employers are using technology-based services to understand populations, identify individual health risks, engage with patients and deliver care where and when needed. The emergence of electronic health records (EHR) and the ability for these health records to electronically flow between healthcare entities marked the beginning of Population Health Management in the U.S. Allowing health entities to share information and collaborate for the good of the patient marked the start of managing knowledge in healthcare. Engaging with patients is an important aspect of managing a population’s health. Patients who are involved in their healthcare decisions tend to be healthier and have better outcomes. Patient Engagement in Healthcare Educating patients, connecting them to hospital services and helping them participate in their own healthcare is the primary goal of patient engagement. A good engagement strategy will help: 1. …


How To Boost Employees’ Resilience

Boost Employee Resilience

There are many benefits to having a resilient workforce. “Resilient employees are more positive, risk-taking and can adapt much more quickly to organizational changes, avoiding costly delays,” says Kimberlee Williams, CEO of change-management consulting firm Ignite M. “This assures implementation proceeds as planned and increases the likelihood that the business benefits of major initiatives will be achieved.” “Resilient employees work harder during tough times,” says Dave Popple, president of team-building and leadership-development consultancy Corporate Insights. “Non resilient employees will become less productive during stressful times, which is exactly the opposite of what is needed. The difference is that there is a sweet spot for stress. If our anxiety is in the sweet spot, we become incredibly effective, but if stress goes beyond that sweet spot, productivity decreases. Resilient people have a wider sweet spot, so the stress that would debilitate one person will motivate the resilient person.” “Personal resilience means being able to effectively adapt to disruptive changes …


A New Look at BMI


Carrying around excess pounds is a problem of epidemic proportions in the U.S. In fact, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), over 1/3 of U.S. adults (36.5%) are so overweight they are classified as obese. Because it raises the risk of many health problems – from type 2 diabetes and heart disease to sleep apnea and several cancers – being significantly overweight not only causes suffering on an individual basis but it also takes a significant economic toll, contributing to higher medical and insurance costs, more disability, lost work days and premature death. But defining who is truly overweight and who isn’t is coming under scrutiny thanks to a reassessment of BMI (body mass index), a mathematical tool long used by physicians to quickly and inexpensively determine whether a person’s weight ranks as normal. Unlike reading pounds on a scale, BMI is calculated by a formula that takes into account a person’s weight in relation to his or …


October Is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Cybersecurity Awareness

We are thrilled to introduce our guest writer this week. Brian Edelman, CEO of Financial Computer Services (a data security company with more that 20 years of experience), is a nationally recognized technology advisor who specializes in both financial services and technology. Making him uniquely qualified to advise on the risks of data security breaches and how to prevent them.   It only takes a single infected computer to potentially infect thousands and perhaps millions of others- Cybersecurity, A Shared Responsibility.   Cybersecurity has emerged as  a top Priority for the Department of Homeland Security,  we now live in a world that is more connected than ever before and as technology advances, our lives become easier. However, as people become more reliant on modern technology, we bring an increased risk that threatens our finances, identity, and privacy. Cyber exploits such as corporate  security breaches, social media fraud, and spear phishing- which targets employees through …


SmartEngage™ Health Content Wins e-Healthcare Leadership Award

Truven Health Analytics™, an IBM Company, nominated its client for an e-Healthcare Leadership award and won for Best Healthcare Content! The entry was submitted using SmartEngage™ health content from A.D.A.M.®   SmartEngage gives patients access to credible, reliable medical information through articles, images, videos and content.  SmartEngage blends seamlessly into a hospital’s website to create an easy-to-use resource for users visiting the site. The e-Healthcare Leadership Award winners were selected from nearly 1,000 entries.  Video, audio, and other rich media forms were represented as they continue to play a significant role in engaging current and potential customers. Judges looked at how websites and other digital communications compared with others in their organization’s classification.  Sixteen industry classifications, from hospitals and health systems to pharmaceutical firms and online health companies were represented.  Judges also reviewed entries based on a proprietary multi-point standard of internet excellence. “A.D.A.M. is proud to partner with Truven Health Analytics …