How To Boost Employees’ Resilience

Boost Employee Resilience

There are many benefits to having a resilient workforce. “Resilient employees are more positive, risk-taking and can adapt much more quickly to organizational changes, avoiding costly delays,” says Kimberlee Williams, CEO of change-management consulting firm Ignite M. “This assures implementation proceeds as planned and increases the likelihood that the business benefits of major initiatives will be achieved.” “Resilient employees work harder during tough times,” says Dave Popple, president of team-building and leadership-development consultancy Corporate Insights. “Non resilient employees will become less productive during stressful times, which is exactly the opposite of what is needed. The difference is that there is a sweet spot for stress. If our anxiety is in the sweet spot, we become incredibly effective, but if stress goes beyond that sweet spot, productivity decreases. Resilient people have a wider sweet spot, so the stress that would debilitate one person will motivate the resilient person.” “Personal resilience means being able to effectively adapt to disruptive changes …


What Exactly is a State Health Exchange?

State health exchange, government-run insurance

What is a state health exchange? It is a government-run insurance marketplace and part of the Affordable Care Act program.  The Affordable Care Act requires state Exchanges to provide health insurance information in a manner that is easy to comprehend for consumers. State Exchanges offer information from multiple carriers via information kiosks placed in key locations. Exchanges Have 5 Main Functions: To make comparing plans and prices easy for people. To create competition so people get the best rates. To offer truthful information about plans, premiums, coverage, benefits, and other benefits-related issues. To provide a place to purchase insurance coverage while a person is either unemployed or in transition from one job to another. And, for those who need assistance, to serve as portals where people can check for eligibility and subsidies, and then help them enroll in plans and pay premiums via a call center system. The Exchanges have …