Should Wearable Fitness Devices Have a Role in Your Wellness Plan?

The appeal is obvious: wearable devices that track a user’s movements or exertion throughout the day can provide the level of data necessary to help make the habitual changes necessary to improve fitness. And wearable fitness devices are growing in popularity, according to ABI Research, which found revenues in the wearable-connected-device market will grow to more than $6 billion in 2018 — and HR departments are paying attention. Should wearable fitness devices have a role in your wellness plan? Wellness consultants say yes. “There is a definite role for wearable technology in corporate wellness programs,” says Fran Melmed of Context Communication, which focuses on wellness communication. “Today, the majority of employers are particularly interested in the trackers that analyze steps, nutrition and sleep.” These devices represent a valuable source of data for employers and employees, Melmed says. Employers can use the information to get a larger picture about the state …


“It takes a village…to run a successful corporate wellness program”

It takes a village…to run a successful corporate wellness program

The popular Nigerian proverb of “It takes a whole village to raise a child” is often paraphrased, however, the meaning is clear. The essential meaning is that child upbringing is a communal effort. The same philosophy holds true when implementing and executing a wellness program. Much like the roles of a mother, father, aunt, uncle and even grandparents when raising a child, employers should incorporate specific roles and responsibilities when considering a deployment of a wellness program to its employees. Prior to moving forward with launching a wellness program, it is in the best interests of any employer to select employees (and potentially even outside resources) to come together and serve on a wellness committee. With any launch of a major initiative, proper leadership and consistent fostering is necessary to make sure the program is running as planned. A wellness committee should consider (but not be limited to) representatives from …