You Can’t Help Employees Achieve Wellness Without Talking About Money

A basic truth that wellness committees can embrace: People evaluate their well-being in financial terms before they do so in health terms. If they feel pain in the pocketbook, then the seemingly priceless details in your conventional wellness communication might be worthless to them. Money issues are dominating your employees’ brainwaves, so including simple financial perspective into wellness communication should be a no-brainer. Unfortunately, timely financial tips and messages about preventing financial stress are left out of most messages employees receive. Throughout your organization, workers feel worried about their bank accounts, credit card statements, and retirement plans. Many of them lack basic knowledge about savings, spending, debt, and investments. “A basic truth about finances is that everyone has concern, not just people who are struggling,” says Bill Russo, a certified financial planner and the principal of Concord Financial Planners in Solon, Ohio. “Those issues can begin to take on a …


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