What You Need to Know About Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies made big news in December when the leading cryptocurrency, bitcoin, lost about a third of its value in a day. The tumble raised questions about cryptocurrencies in general — are they good investments? Can they really take the place of mainstream currencies? What does the future hold? Understanding cryptocurrencies is key to getting the most out of them. They are are a nontangible form of currency that exists exclusively in a digital database called a blockchain, says Fred Schebesta, CEO and co-founder of Finder.com, a financial comparison website. They let users transfer real-life assets such as cars, money and property instantly and without the involvement of third parties. They represent an opportunity for financial professionals, but like any investment they need to be carefully researched before you jump in. “Approach all tokens with a sense of discovery and skepticism,” says Joseph Bradley, director of investor relations at Apex Token …


What Exactly is a State Health Exchange?

State health exchange, government-run insurance

What is a state health exchange? It is a government-run insurance marketplace and part of the Affordable Care Act program.  The Affordable Care Act requires state Exchanges to provide health insurance information in a manner that is easy to comprehend for consumers. State Exchanges offer information from multiple carriers via information kiosks placed in key locations. Exchanges Have 5 Main Functions: To make comparing plans and prices easy for people. To create competition so people get the best rates. To offer truthful information about plans, premiums, coverage, benefits, and other benefits-related issues. To provide a place to purchase insurance coverage while a person is either unemployed or in transition from one job to another. And, for those who need assistance, to serve as portals where people can check for eligibility and subsidies, and then help them enroll in plans and pay premiums via a call center system. The Exchanges have …