Which Employee Benefits Do Workers Value Most?

An improving economy has made the talent market heat up, and organizations are finding they need to look for new ways to recruit and retain high-performing employees. One of the tools many organizations use to attract high-talent candidates and hold onto their top performers is a strong benefits package. While different employees have different preferences and needs, there are some trends worth noting when it comes to the benefits employees value. This white paper will look at benefits employees tend to value most, and examine how organizations can use benefits to improve their recruiting and retention efforts. Health Insurance One of the most valued employee benefits is health insurance. “Employees value health insurance, dental and vision the most,” says Nicole Wright of Entrepreneurs Loft. Research backs that up. According to a Towers Watson survey, 46 percent of respondents said health care benefits are an important reason for deciding to work …


IT’s Role In Improving The Health Of Consumers

IT in Healthcare

Population Health Management programs in various forms have been around for years. Health Systems, and employers are using technology-based services to understand populations, identify individual health risks, engage with patients and deliver care where and when needed. The emergence of electronic health records (EHR) and the ability for these health records to electronically flow between healthcare entities marked the beginning of Population Health Management in the U.S. Allowing health entities to share information and collaborate for the good of the patient marked the start of managing knowledge in healthcare. Engaging with patients is an important aspect of managing a population’s health. Patients who are involved in their healthcare decisions tend to be healthier and have better outcomes. Patient Engagement in Healthcare Educating patients, connecting them to hospital services and helping them participate in their own healthcare is the primary goal of patient engagement. A good engagement strategy will help: 1. …