Allergies And What It Might Mean For Your Eyes

Allergies and eye infections

Spring is officially here, which means allergies are right around the corner, if they haven’t already kicked up. Georgia Eye Associates explains which allergies may be affecting your eyes and how you can relieve your symptoms. Allergies tend to be associated with a runny nose, scratchy throat, or just an increased level of sneezing, but allergy symptoms come in a lot of different varieties. Unfortunately for many, allergies can cause all types of discomfort for the eyes, ranging from swelling to a persistent itchy feeling. If you find that your eyes are getting red, swollen, and/or itchy, then it is highly possible that it is due to an allergy to pollen, pet dander, dust, freshly cut grass, etc. In order to rid yourself of this frustration you need to figure out what is triggering your reaction and take action to stay ahead of the symptoms. Eye allergies, or “allergic conjunctivitis” …