The EbixExchange - Australia platform allows insurance intermediaries and underwriters to transact together, securely in real time around a vast range of insurance products and services. EbixExchange - Australia has been designed to streamline all of the transactions across underwriters you work with.


EbixExchange - Australia reduces administrative processes through system integration from insurer to intermediary. Freeing up your staff and allowing them to be redeployed in more productive roles, potentially generating more revenue and improving customer service in your business.

Reduce Costs

By doing business via EbixExchange – Australia; intermediaries and underwriters achieve significant transaction processing cost reductions. The information is processed once and updated to both the insurer and the intermediary's back office systems, eliminating multiple handling and reducing possible data entry errors.


Automatic management of renewals and significantly faster turnaround times on policies helps you to process more business in an efficient manner.


EbixExchange - Australia is the industry platform that connects intermediaries systems with insurance underwriting applications. It allows insurance professionals to process quotes, submit and respond to new business, make inquiries, endorse and renew policies, complete cancellations and lapses across home, motor, commercial, trade and other general insurance products.

Existing Products

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Private Motor Y Y Y Y
Bus Pack Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Farm Pack Y Y
Trades Pack Y Y
Office pack Y Y
Heavy Motor Y
Farm Motor Y
Comm Motor Y Y Y
Land Lords Y Y Y Y
Pleasure Craft Y
Strata Y
Contract Works Y
Taxi Y

EbixExchange - Australia Online Quoting

EbixExcahnge - Australia has developed a complete feature in real time, and rates comparison tool in the market allowing you to acquire and compare home, contents or motor quotations from leading Australian insurers.

Online Quoting leverages EbixExchange – Australia to provide business process efficiencies, reduce operational costs, and increase staff productivity.

Easy-to-use - Simply complete a single set of questions within Online Quoting to obtain multiple quotes and compare policy features and benefits. Online Quoting provides EbixExchange - Australia a platform to achieve business process efficiencies, reduce operational costs, and increase staff productivity.

Immediate - Online Quoting returns an instant set of quotes according to your customer's requirements and allows you convert an inquiry into a sale directly, whether they're on the phone or with you in person.

Compare - Online Quoting offers an unbiased view of the options available and equips you with comprehensive information to guide your customer towards the most appropriate policy suitable for their needs.

Accurate - The immediate nature of Online Quoting guarantees the most current rates and features every time. Online Quoting helps you avoid price quotation errors and the inconvenience of re-clarifying details at a later stage. Quotes are available online and can be accessed up to 18 months.

Integrated - On acceptance of quotations, Online Quoting integrates directly to broking systems, therefore you avoid re-keying data each time, saving time and effort.

Standards - We use industry accepted sources, such as Glass's Guide, Red Book and, so you get the most accurate and up-to-date features and pricing.

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EbixExchange - Australia Template

Templates convert unformatted text into uniform, well presented intermediary invoices.

Your employees waste time and effort re-formatting policy coverage information to create professional-looking and printer friendly documents. All in all, this process is inefficient, costly, and creates professional indemnity exposure for your business.

The Template solution streamlines text received from insurers by processing them into your broking system, then into the invoices you issue to clients.

Enhance productivity - By using our standard Templates, you can improve productivity by re-deploying time elsewhere. Any changes insurers make to their products are automatically updated by EbixExchange - Australia within Templates so you benefit from all of the improvements at no additional charge.

Maintain consistency - Standard Templates provide uniformity across all insurer products. This eliminates the need for your employees to re-key insurer schedules into a format for your business, which means they become familiar with a similar look and feel regardless of the product, or of your employees' specialty area.

Reduce risk - By reducing manual intervention, you decrease your company's exposure to Professional Indemnity claims and client confusion. With this you gain peace of mind that the data within your systems and invoices is accurate and compliant.

Streamline integration - Our standard Templates complement your broking system templates. They take the details passed by EbixExchange - Australia and relevant information gathered from within your system to create professional looking documents.

Improve accuracy - You can be confident that the documents you are presenting to your clients are accurate from the start. Whether you're emailing, printing, or storing them for future use.

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EbixExchange - Australia Executive

Executive provides clients access to the complete range of EbixExchange - Australia capabilities. It is a stand-alone client and policy management system for electronic trading exclusively through EbixExchange - Australia. It is the ideal solution for intermediaries who do not have a compliant broking system.

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EbixExchange - Australia is the insurance industry's revolutionary electronic service enabling insurers and intermediaries to transact in real time over a broad and expanding range of insurance products and services. Ebix offers two solutions: EbixExchange - Australia working with a compliant broking system and EbixExchange - Australia working with Executive.

Executive provides access to the complete range of EbixExchange - Australia capabilities. It is a stand-alone client and policy management system for electronic trading exclusively through EbixExchange - Australia. It is the ideal solution for intermediaries who do not have a compliant broking system.

The EbixExchange - Australia license fee is from $700 (exclusive of GST) per annum. Licensing is based on the number of concurrent users per geographic location. Please check with your broking system vendor for any additional fees that may be associated with accessing EbixExchange - Australia through their system.

The Executive license fee is from $1000 (exclusive of GST) per annum. Licensing is based on the number of concurrent users per geographic location.

Note: Other costs that you will need to be aware of, and are responsible for, are the fees to your nominated Internet Service Provider (ISP) and any fees for third party software licenses, and installation of software or hardware to gain access to EbixExchange - Australia and its components.

You will need a broadband Internet connection, one suitable for the volume of business and the number of users that will be using EbixExchange - Australia.

Each workstation using EbixExchange - Australia will need to be running a minimum of Windows 2000 or above, Internet Explorer 6.0 or 7.0 (with Microsoft Java Virtual Machine active), and Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.0 or later.

Note: If you are using a compliant broking system you should refer to your broking system vendor for minimum requirements to operate your broking system.

Once your broadband is installed, the connection will need to be secured between your office and EbixExchange - Australia. this is done using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) with IPsec security protocol. If more than 6 concurrent users are required for EbixExchange - Australia, you will require a Cisco Router.

EbixExchange - Australia has been designed to run on either a single workstation (PC) or on multiple workstations. However, if you require EbixExchange - Australia to run on multiple workstations, you will need to ensure that all PCs meet the minimum software requirements, have Internet access, and have access to the VPN.

EbixExchange - Australia can accommodate multiple sites as long as all sites have broadband Internet access. Multiple site access will attract additional site license fees.

There is no limit to the number of PCs that can simultaneously use EbixExchange - Australia. However, the performance of EbixExchange - Australia depends on the speed of the connection you have to your local Internet Service Provider (ISP).

You will need to contact your insurer(s) to get access to additional products. If you are not currently connected to an insurer, then the insurer will complete and send a connection request to Ebix. Ebix will then send you the necessary details for you to access the insurer products through EbixExchange - Australia.

EbixExchange in conjunction with our technology partners have developed training materials and programs for EbixExchange - Australia. More information about EbixExchange - Australia training is available by emailing

Ebix Australia Pty Ltd
CBS & eGlobal +61 2 8467 3000
WinBEAT +61 3 9899 3388
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Omega Nominees Pty Ltd t/a Realtime Computing
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To connect to EbixExchange - Australia you must first complete a EbixExchange - Australia Registration, available on tdis web site. A purchase order will tden be sent to you for signature.

A EbixExchange - Australia License Agreement and instructions on how to set up your VPN will be sent to you after EbixExchange have received a connection request from an insurer, and your signed purchase order has been returned. Once tdese have been completed you will invoiced for tde EbixExchange - Australia license fee.

Upon payment of tde license fee, Ebix will send you information on how to configure your system for EbixExchange - Australia and your connection will be activated. Ebix will tden advise your insurers tdat you are ready to start transacting business electronically.


We are pleased to offer you the following training options for EbixExchange - Australia:

Introducing WebEx Web Based Training

WebEx training has been widely accepted by our customers as it offers an excellent alternative when on-site training is not available. WebEx training provides instructor led, customized web-based training designed to satisfy unique requirements. We are now very pleased to offer WebEx training for both EbixExchange - Australia and Online Quoting which you can schedule on an as-required basis. WebEx training allows you to book either a 30 or 60 minute training session that will comprehensively cover particular topics within EbixExchange - Australia and Online Quoting.

For more information about this unique training tool simply email

On Site Training

On site training may be conducted on an individual or group basis. One of our professional trainers will attend your office to assist you in gaining a better understanding of using EbixExchange - Australia.

User Guides

We have a variety of user guides and reference guides that cover both EbixExchange - Australia and Online Quoting. To request an updated version of a document simply email - with your requirements.

Contact Us

For more information regarding EbixExchange - Australia training or to discuss your specific needs, you can email - or contact our Client Relationship Manager, Joanne Matic on (03) 9899 3388.


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