Benergy4 is focused on delivering a better benefits experience for employers, employees, and brokers with a comprehensive portfolio of innovative technology solutions. Benergy4 solutions are trusted by hundreds of brokers, thousands of employers, and millions of employees across the U.S.


Our TalentWorks solutions are designed to help employers gain 360° control of the entire the benefits management process - from dependent eligibility audits and a complete enrollment system to outsourced benefits administration support and much more. Our solutions are designed to save time, save money, and ensure compliance at each step of the way.

  • Benergy4 Platform
  • Enrollment Services
  • WellnessWorks
  • Helpline
  • Health & Wellness
  • Financial Services
  • COBRA Administration
  • Cost & Care Guide Insight
  • Total Compensation Statements
  • Dependent Audits


Our BrokerWorks solutions provide brokers with a set of comprehensive tools to manage your entire agency, cultivate prospects, retain clients, and provide the best-in-class tools and resources, so that both, the brokers and the clients can achieve their respective business goals. Designed to give brokers a competitive edge in an increasingly competitive market, these powerful and intelligent BrokerWorks solutions include:

  • AgencyWare
  • Advisor Tools
  • Client Community
  • BenefitPoint Integration


Our ProWorks include a full suite of professional services - from implementation to training - delivered by a world-class client services team.


Our DataWorks solutions ensure the most accurate, efficient, and compliant exchange of employee benefits data insurance carriers, payroll providers, and HRIS systems. We also provide integrated solutions with a secure single sign on capabilities.


TotalWorks is a comprehensive suite of benefits lifecycle management solutions using an on-demand, SaaS platform brought to you through a strategic partnership with Ebix Health and Benefit Coordinators Corporation (BCC). TotalWorks is comprised of TalentWorks, AdminWorks and DataWorks - the innovative solutions you need to take care of the day-to-day works of benefits management, so that you can focus on running your business operations.

Benergy4 Communications


Benergy4 provides a web-based platform for a 24/7 online access to benefits, health and wellness resources, financial accounts, and much more. With the Benergy4 platform, employers can choose to integrate a wide variety of solutions - from Enrollment Services and the Helpline to the Cost & Care Guide - so that their employees will have centralized and easy access to all the information they need to the make smart decisions for themselves and their families.

And for employers, this means to significantly streamline the entire benefits management process. HR staffs can reduce the time they currently spend, providing employees with routine HR information, sending basic forms, and answering day-to-day HR questions, so they can focus on more strategic initiatives. With a customized communications platform all the information is available online and 24/7 to employees through their own secure online login.


  • Provide self-service access to benefits information
  • Allow employees to realize the "hidden" value of their paycheck through the Real Value Statement
  • Give employees the ability to calculate benefits costs through the financial calculator
  • Guide employees in making educated decisions through plan comparisons
  • Create behavior change and a culture of wellness through health management tools
  • Achieve HR compliance through required benefits documentation
  • Help employees track their medical history and other important health information with the Personal Health Record

Enrollment Services

With Enrollment Services, the days of paper based forms and administrative hassles are over. Your benefits enrollment process becomes quicker and more manageable through an easy-to-use online system.

Integrated with the Benergy4 platform, our Enrollment Services help you manage open enrollment and ongoing life event changes while allowing employees to make informed benefits decisions quickly and easily. Employees can review plan details, compare plans, and enroll using a quick, multi-step process.

Enrollment Services includes a more than 50 standard reports for billing, transaction history, open enrollment, life events, and changes made during the plan year. In addition, it includes extensive ad hoc reporting capabilities for easily creating the exact reports needed to meet specific business needs and health reform compliance requirements.


  • Eliminate paper-based enrollment processes and reduce HR administration
  • Easily send announcement and reminders for Open Enrollment, Year Round Enrollment and Life Events
  • Provide employees a 24/7 online access to benefits information
  • Educate employees on their benefits plans with decision support tools
  • Includes more than 50 standard reports and extensive ad-hoc reporting


There has never been a greater need for wellness programs to help employers create a healthier workforce and reduce healthcare costs. That's why we're excited to introduce WellnessWorks, the most comprehensive health management system on the market, including benefits communication, enrollment and wellness in a single solution that's - simple to deploy, simple to use and simple to administer.

WellnessWorks serves as the hub for employees to manage their program participation where they'll automatically see their personal health profile and individual health score, along with employer incentives and contributions, based on meeting health activity and outcome goals. They'll use the site to take assessments, schedule on-site screenings, set up interactive coaching sessions, obtain information to manage specific risk factors, and log activity points for incentives. Plus, employees can securely review their WellnessWorks info, anytime from any mobile device.

With WellnessWorks, administrators can easily track and monitor the results of their wellness program with in-depth, online, on-demand reporting. They'll have access to comprehensive communications templates, health improvement tools and activities.


  • Help employees make smart health decisions
  • Increase workplace productivity
  • Achieve better health outcomes
  • Reduce healthcare costs
  • Increase employee acquisition and retention
  • Engage with hard-to-reach employees
  • Track and report on wellness program ROI


Now, when employees have questions about their benefits, our Helpline integrated with the Benergy4 platform is ready to help. Our team of experts can answer benefit questions, enroll them in plans, resolve claims issues, and much more. Services are available via phone, email or live chat, Monday through Saturday with extended service hours in both English and Spanish. Plus, they'll have a 24/7 online access to view issue resolution status.


  • Unique 800-number for each employer
  • Calls answered in the company name and phone options are set-up as per employer's specifications
  • Detailed management reports on service issues, resolution times, and more
  • Call recording for quality assurance and transaction record purposes
  • Completed call percentage over 99.28%
  • Available year-round or during open enrollment season
  • Different service options to fit specific needs

Health & Wellness

Employees are consumers who need access to accurate and understandable information to live healthier, ask their doctors the right questions and control their expenses. Integrated with the Benergy4 platform, the Health & Wellness center includes an award-winning library of physician-developed and reviewed health content.

Much of the Health & Wellness content is highly visual and interactive, making it very informative to your employees and their family members. This same content is used by hospitals and medical schools around the world-so you know it's current, well-researched and unbiased, unlike much of the health information found on the Web.


  • Give employees access to the Symptom Navigator, a visual and interactive tool that helps employees understand what symptoms may mean and when to seek medical treatment
  • Provide employees a trusted source of credible health information with more than 3,600 health articles
  • Provide Health Risk Assessments to help employees identify potential risks for a variety of health problems
  • Educate expecting parents about the essentials of pregnancy and childbirth through the Pregnancy Center.

Financial Services

Managing Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs), Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRAs), Health Savings Accounts (HSAs), and Commuter Benefits can be daunting. It's no wonder that the trend is for companies to outsource managing these plans to experts.

Ebix Health delivers the systems and supports your need to maximize the benefits of healthcare financial plans - for your company and its employees. This system is integrated with the Benergy4 Communications platform, so you can communicate and manage important benefits, reduce the administrative tasks for your HR staff, and gain significant savings on healthcare costs.


  • The financial services system supports FSAs, Commuter Benefits, HRAs, HSAs, and Limited FSAs
  • Integration provides one platform for employees to manage their benefits, financial accounts, health and wellness, and much more
  • Full administration and claims processing
  • Extensive built-in participant email communications and forms library
  • Plan sponsor and participant access via the Benergy4 platform
  • Participant access to account balances, claims and reimbursement information, denied claims, and other information
  • Participant access to an online FSA store to determine medical items reimbursable under healthcare financial plans and to purchase over-the-counter medications and health items at a discount
  • Single debit card for multiple plans
  • Plan design and summary plan description support
  • Discrimination testing, Form 5500 filing, and CRM reporting support

COBRA Administration

The IRS claims that are more than 90 percent of all employers are out of compliance with COBRA regulations. Plus COBRA administration requires substantial administrative investments in billing and collection of premiums, reporting, accounting, not mentioning labor costs, legal fees, and postage. That's why, outsourcing COBRA administration is the smartest way to reduce your risks and costs, while focusing your resources on your business.

Ebix Health delivers the systems and support to ensure compliance with the latest COBRA regulations. Our online service is integrated with the Benergy4 Communications platform, so you can take advantage of an automated, user-friendly, cost-effective web portal for administration and compliance of COBRA obligations. Plan administrators and employees can generate real-time reports, make online COBRA payments, as well as view coverage, eligibility, payment, and notification information.

We can also help you stay on top of emerging statutes, regulations, and court cases that impact how plans maintain compliance. This helps to ensure that the administration of the program satisfies the stringent requirements that apply to the COBRA, HIPAA, and state continuation benefits you provide.


  • Comprehensive, end-to-end COBRA administration service for both state and federal continuation laws
  • Plan sponsor access via the Benergy4 Communications platform
  • Qualifying event services including mailing of election packages, enrollment forms, and premium payment coupons
  • Communication of all COBRA elections and changes to carriers
  • Collection and tracking of premium payments
  • Detailed monthly reports for plan sponsors
  • Employee retro notifications option

Cost & Care Guide Insight

Unfortunately, provider networks do not guarantee high quality or low cost. In fact, prices for common procedures can vary by as much as 500% or more.

Now you can help your employees get fair prices for thousands of healthcare services by giving them access to the Cost & Care Guide Insight. They can get detailed pricing comparisons that cover the main components of healthcare - professional, facility, and anesthesia.

Cost & Care Guide Insight is ideal for employers that offer self-funded health plans, consumer directed health plans (CDHPs), or other high deductible health plans (HDHPs).


  • Significantly reduce your company's medical spend
  • Help employees get high quality care at fair prices
  • Provide a value-add service to increase employee satisfaction and retention

Total Compensation Statements

It's no secret that Total Compensation Statements are the most reliable and cost-effective way for organizations to communicate the value of their compensation and benefits.

Your success starts with choosing printed Total Compensation Statements from Ebix Health. We have more than thirty years of experience, supporting America's leading organizations with their total compensation or total rewards projects. Our printed services team is available to plan and execute every phase of a comprehensive communications strategy from pre-statement communication to post-statement surveys. Throughout the process of design, data gathering, calculations, and production we keep you fully informed on our progress using our secure, encrypted, project management website.


  • Gives you the flexibility to present information in a variety of printed formats to focus employees on key components of their compensation and benefits
  • Highlight the importance of employer provided benefits like medical insurance, retirement and paid time off
  • Increase employee participation in voluntary benefit programs
  • Create a dialog with employees regarding strategic company goals and how total employee salary and benefit costs impact that goal
  • Customize with your company logo, other supporting graphics, colors, benefit statement message (theme) and any unique requirements to reinforce your organization's brand and culture
  • Generate electronic PDF statements
  • Create project archives capturing final statement output for all covered "benefit eligible" employees
  • Optimized compensation and tax savings


An organized and reliable tracking system is the key in effectively managing your prospect and client relationships. AgencyWare provides benefits to brokers with an integrated sales, service, and commission tracking system to manage the entire sales cycle. Brokers can use the software throughout the day to track everything from sales to customer service to commissions and back to renewals.

With its AgencyWare sync capabilities, AgencyWare and Outlook work together so that data only needs to be entered once and is always up-to-date. Contacts and activities can also be downloaded to a personal digital assistant (PDA), so you can access your data on the go.


  • Automate your sales process and workflow
  • Manage your RFP's more efficiently
  • Track commissions and payments accurately

Advisor Tools

Companies turn to their brokers for advice on benefits strategy and intelligent brokers turn to Advisor Tools for support. With Advisor Tools you have access to benchmarking reports, cost and trend reports, a HIPAA Privacy Manual and much more.

Brokers can help your clients stay up-to-date on the most current health reform regulation information by accessing weekly updates. In addition, to help brokers and benefits administrators maximize the value of Health Savings Accounts (HSAs), Advisor Tools provides a full suite of HSA Calculators, Out-of-Pocket Comparisons and HSA Proposals.


  • Keep tabs on news and trends with weekly updates on health reform developments
  • Access PPACA compliance aids with HealthDocs™, PPACA Regulation Tracker and the Health Care Compliance Calendar
  • Save time and solve problems with Fast Answers™, an interactive tool that provides reliable answers to questions on thousands of everyday HR topics
  • Find guidance on more than 100 topics for implementing and updating HR policies and procedures in the HR Policy Handbook
  • Create custom job descriptions, job advertisements, and job interview questions
  • Save time with government interactive forms that auto-calculate, transfer client and preparer data, print and save to electronic files

Client Community

Whether you're keeping in touch with current clients or prospecting for new clients, establishing frequent communications is even more important in today's competitive marketplace. That's why hundreds of successful brokers across the U.S. use Client Community as a key component of their client retention and business building strategies.

A dedicated web portal for brokers to interact with their clients, Client Community provides a secure workspace to exchange documents, communicate news, promote services, and hosts an extensive resource library. The Client Community portal can be easily customized to reflect your firm's branding to maintain consistency with your logo, colors, content and hyperlinks.

You'll also gain access to a monthly broker-branded Client Community Newsletter that can be sent to clients and prospects as a powerful way to stay "top of mind." Filled with timely articles, white papers, and surveys on health reform regulations, wellness trends, and HR best practices written by industry experts, you can send the newsletter as-it-is or easily add your own content.


  • Increase communications touch points with your clients through a customizable online portal
  • Maximize visibility for your brokerage with minimal work
  • Offer a new low-cost, high-impact service to broaden your services portfolio and promote retention
  • Position your firm as a trusted advisor by sharing the latest industry news and insights

BenefitPoint Integration

Ebix Health's partnership with Vertafore enables employee benefit brokers to take advantage of two best-in-class solutions with the convenience of a single process workflow and the time savings of reduced data entry.

The integration of Vertafore's BenefitPoint application with the Benergy4 platform provides a seamless, real-time transfer of client benefit details from BenefitPoint to the Benergy4 client portal. Transferring client benefit details expedites the site set-up process and maintains the integrity of the data between both systems. The Benefit¬Point to Benergy4 Integration utilizes the latest technology of both platforms, enhancing the efficiencies of leading insurance brokers.


  • Client and plan information transferred automatically to Benergy4 site
  • Speed up the site build process
  • Ensure consistency of information between both systems


With Dataworks, you'll have the assurance of accurate, secure, and compliant exchange of benefits data with employers, insurance carriers, payroll providers, and HRIS systems. We currently process hundreds of data feeds a week for our growing customer base.


  • Interoperability across the Benergy4 platform to ensure the best user experience and seamless exchange of employee benefits data
  • Seamless integration with third-party applications
  • Secure single sign on inbound and outbound capabilities to meet specific employer requirements


Transform Your HR Operations with Comprehensive Benefits Lifecycle Management Solutions

With TotalWorks, you're benefitting from proven outsourced solutions designed to help you transform your HR operations and achieve best-in-class performance. You can implement the entire platform or choose the solutions that best suit your specific needs.

With all of our solutions, we're helping you maximize HR quality and service, while minimizing the administrative burden on your staff. There's no hardware or software to purchase or install. Plus, our team of experts will work with you on each step of the way. It's no wonder our solutions are currently trusted by hundreds of brokers, thousands of employers, and millions of employees across the U.S.


  • Expand your HR bench - an extension of your team to navigate through increasingly complex benefits management
  • Ensure consistent benefit plan communication
  • Reduce calls to HR department with employee self-serve functionality
  • Centralize and automate manual and tactical transactions and processes
  • Improve accuracy and efficiency
  • Increase compliance
  • Enhance reporting and tracking of HR metrics on a real-time basis
  • Ensure that insurance carriers and "real" eligibility are in sync
  • Collaborate to establish an ongoing plan that progressively manages your benefits and complements your budget
  • Gain a significant, immediate ROI!

Benergy4 Training

The Benergy4 Training team is committed to helping our clients maximize their use of Benergy4 products by delivering learning experiences in multiple formats, including:

  • Instructor-led, virtual training courses
  • Recorded sessions
  • User Guides
  • Quick Reference Guides
  • Other documentation


Our strategic partnerships provide a wide range of solutions and services that further enhance the value of the Benergy4 solutions for our expanding client base.

Discovery Benefits

Discovery Benefits is the nation’s largest privately held Third Party Administrator for Flexible Spending Accounts, Health Savings Accounts, Health Reimbursement Arrangements, Transportation Accounts and COBRA. Our philosophy is to provide responsive and flexible administrative services and a solutions oriented approach that provides value for our clients and their employees. Discovery Benefits is a Preferred Partner of Ebix. For more information, contact your Ebix representative or visit


Infinisource was founded in 1986 as COBRA Compliance Systems, Inc., a company specializing, in compliance education and administration of the newly enacted COBRA law. As the market evolved, COBRA Compliance Systems began offering a variety of benefit administration services, acquired a number of other like companies. In 2003, the name changed to Infinisource, Inc. to better reflect its market position. Infinisource grew to 17,000 benefit administration customers.

Today’s Infinisource was created in 2011 by merging with America Onshore, a leading provider of SAAS based solutions in Human Capital Management for employers. In 2012, Infinisource acquired Qqest a growing provider of time and attendance solutions. The acquisition increased the Infinisource customer base to 60,000+ employers.


Inovius is a spin-off of Veritas Health Systems (VHS), which is an established Plan Service Provider in the emerging consumer-driven healthcare (CDH) market. Inovius is the owner of the web-based, intellectual property that VHS uses to compares costs, benefits, out-of-pocket risk, and member/consumer contributions, as well as a host of additional tools, systems and resources.


Izenda, LLC is the leading provider of self-service reports and dashboards for web-based applications on the Microsoft platform. The firm's corporate headquarters are located in Atlanta, GA and serves hundreds of customers worldwide. For more information, visit

Healthcare Blue Book, headquartered in Nashville, TN, is a healthcare pricing tool that helps consumers and companies determine what fair prices are for healthcare services and treatments in their markets. The web site can be customized to employer needs by offering information that allows employees to identify lower cost and high quality providers within their existing employer-sponsored health plan.


Pervasive is a global data innovation leader, delivering software to manage, integrate and analyze data, in the cloud or on-premises, throughout the entire data lifecycle. Pervasive products deliver value to tens of thousands of customers worldwide, often embedded within partners' software, with breakthrough performance, flexibility, reliability and return on investment. For more information, visit