Automates the management and review of insurance.

TrackcertsNow is the most feature-rich software available today for tracking and managing certificates of insurance (COI).

The software provides a paperless, active and archived history of all COI images and their status of compliance. And it's accessible to you in real-time via the web, 24 hours a day.

You maintain complete control:

  • Achieve a balance between timely review and action taken
  • Ensure centralized visibility and certificates' status
  • Address ongoing challenge of mitigating risk

The Certificate Tracking Solution:

TrackCertsNow is the leading enterprise web-based software available today that provides complete validation of every certificate of insurance that your business receives from partners, suppliers, vendors, subcontractors, tenants and more. Now you can easily manage all insurance requirements and contract agreement commencement dates against your contractual requirements. Managing the life cycle of insurance certificates has never been this simpler.

See how TrackcertsNow works

How It Works

Certificate Tracking - Automated

  • Measures certificates and endorsements to your custom requirements
  • Weekly validation of carrier ratings against AM Best
  • Certificate override for special exceptions
  • Documented history of certificate status and review process

Certificate Monitoring - Automated

  • Automatic reporting on certificate expirations, carrier rating downgrade, expired status and cancellations
  • Centralized certificate storage repository available through the web 24/7
  • Instant online access indemnitor or vendor status

Vendor Correspondence - Automated

  • Automatically creates and sends unique indemnitor correspondence letters
  • Electronically receives and manages faxed certificates
  • Accepts vendor or coverage notes to online certificate files


TrackCertsNow gives you:

  • Centralized document storage for 10 years of all certificates received, related notes, correspondence and managerial actions
  • Consistent and automated certificates verification processes which contributes to compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley
  • Online and Telephone Support
  • Product Upgrades (as released)
  • Online real time management and compliancy reports available 24/7
  • Minimized chance of assuming unintended risk
  • Reduce exposure to litigation and financial loss
  • Uniform enforcement of standards throughout the organization
  • Access to key staff in field locations

Two Levels of Service Available:

  • Self Service is an in-house solution. It provides an automated system that allows you to quickly, easily, and accurately manage your company's insurance certificates. ConfirmNet will handle the data entry tasks and safeguard your data.
  • Full Service is a professionally managed service that performs all activities associated with your certificate tracking and monitoring, and handles all related correspondence with tenants, vendors, contractors, and others.

TrackCertsNow Technology


We have developed an architecture that can easily be scaled to meet the increasing demands of our applications. Our goal here at ConfirmNet is to provide you with the most reliable system that you have come to depend on. We consider TrackCertsNow to be the state of the art certificate tracking software tool and have designed it as such.

The following features have been employed in order to provide our customers with the highest level of service:

  • Redundant network devices and servers
  • Multi-tiered architecture, where each tier can be horizontally scaled
  • Use of third-party professionals to handle high volume faxing and mailing
  • Regularly scheduled backups of all servers
  • Backup media is maintained at an off-site location
  • Maintenance of all system and application logs
  • Disaster recovery capabilities
  • Scheduled maintenance and downtime
  • Use of SSL to safely encrypt all customer data between their client computers and our applications
  • Servers are housed at a secure, co-location facility that provides various levels of physical and environmental security

All of our systems are automatically monitored, both internally and externally. Both our servers and software are updated on a regular basis to address various security updates as well as to maintain good system performance. Any issue that may arise with our system, whether it is software or hardware-related, is addressed with the utmost urgency 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


ConfirmNet is continuously improving its service by incorporating TrackCertsNow enhancements about every other quarter. These enhancements include new feature requests from our customers and overall improvements to certificate tracking workflow. All upgrades performed on TrackCertsNow applications are backwards compatible with all previous releases. Each release is tested thoroughly by ConfirmNet's QA team, which uses test plans, scripting tools, load test tools and ad hoc testing to ensure that all existing features continue to work properly as each new piece of functionality is developed. All existing and new functionality is tested in two environments (development and staging) before it is released to the production environment.


ConfirmNet currently utilizes two methods for data transfer capabilities. The first method that we provide for data transfer is through the development of a custom integration.

Our custom integrations provide support for the following data formats:

  • Fixed-length
  • Comma-delimited
  • XML

The second method is a direct transfer to our database. Our proprietary file upload tool allows users to transfer data from their systems into our tracking engine. In addition, ConfirmNet will transfer any data requested back to a client's system in the format of their choice.

ConfirmNet has created a flexible and open architecture that can be adapted to support integration to any customer's existing management system architecture. An HTTPS and Web Services programming interface is available using SSL certificates, which can be easily tailored to support data exchange with any system.

TrackCertsNow Implementation

Ebix RCS prides itself on quick and accurate implementation, which can occur in as little as three weeks. Our goal is to make the implementation process as proficient as possible so that our TrackCertsNow product can start tracking and managing your certificates thereby mitigating your liabilities. Our TrackCertsNow implementation team works with you to obtain the necessary information for your account and understands how best to organize your data so it is functional and accessible for you and your staff. This may include using our proprietary data scrubber to upload your existing data for TrackCertsNow as well as arrange for a live data feed from your corporate site to our database.

These tools allow our TrackCertsNow implementation team to upload and organize your information as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our primary goal is to automate as much of the setup as possible to ensure an efficient and accurate implementation process. Once your account is created we will gladly assist with user set up as well as train and support your users in your TrackCertsNow account.


"We couldn't be more pleased with the service we have received from Ebix RCS! The customer service is top notch and the product is far superior to what we have used in the past. We would highly recommend Ebix RCS as an insurance monitoring service to other Franchisers."

- Patricia A. Martin, Franchise Legal and Compliance Manager, Value Place

"Our company is extremely satisfied with the services you provide. Again, I'd like to thank you for all the work you do for us."

- Erick Miranda, Assistant Controller, Grunley Construction Company, Inc.

"Our organization's property management division teamed up with Ebix RCS (formerly ConfirmNet) in 2005 to annually track and manage thousands of certificates of insurance for our tenants. Most recently, I have had the pleasure of working with Ebix RCS's Engineering and Project Management Team to resolve internal data restructuring on our side that warranted some significant modifications to our account inside TrackCertsNow. Throughout the process, their team was not only knowledgeable and quick to respond but also a pleasure to work with. Their willingness to work with my company's technical department as well as myself made the project go smoothly and efficiently. I certainly appreciate all their hard work, dedication and excellent customer service."

- Tamara Clarke, RREEF

"Thanks to Ebix RCS, my call volume to subcontractors has been greatly reduced while my certificate compliance numbers have increased."

- Todd Robinson, Shea Homes

"The Transition from our previous insurance certificate tracking system to TrackCertsNow has been a great addition to our company's compliance procedures. Not only was the implementation process smooth and efficient but we were provided with excellent customer service and products that fit our business needs."

- Gold's Gym Franchising LLC

"After years of struggling to maintain certificates of insurance for thousands of projects, big and small, we now utilize what I feel is the most professional Certificate tracking company in the country-Ebix RCS. I use to cringe every time we had an accident that involved a contractor on my property because half the time, the certificate we were looking for or needed could not be found or was wrong. Now, it is not an issue with Ebix RCS as a part of the risk team."

- Joey Page, City of Plano

"At Capitol Aggregates, when it comes to tracking compliance with our insurance requirements, we have moved from the dark ages to the modern era with Ebix RCS. As a result we have significantly reduced our risk exposures and identified areas that needed attention. I suggest the full service selection due to the on staff professional review and compliance with requirements. Ebix RCS uses a proactive method of letter notification prior to expiration of a vendor insurance policy and protects Capitol from insurance coverage lapses. Thanks!"

- Mike Hrncir, Capitol Aggregates

Existing Users

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