Ebix Consulting offers Asset Management Services that give your content creators quick and easy access to stored digital assets. We offer you improved efficiencies, reduced costs and increased revenues by eliminating redundancies and streamlining your overall content management process.

Ebix Consulting has rich experience in the organization, workflows and distribution of digital assets and digital rights management for Marketing and Corporate Communications departments across a multitude of industries.

Utilizing our Asset Management Services you can easily upload, organize, access, store and archive all of your brand assets, content and data in your secure central repository. This approach makes the "One Asset Many Views" philosophy possible.

We can provide tools that drive various aspects of your repository such as administration, workflow, content loading, security, publishing and reporting. By employing a distribution engine, specific to the end user's needs, their data is delivered in the desired format.

Content from your repository can be made live and available to multiple channels and sources at the same time. A change to the source asset in one place of your repository can be automatically reflected in all places where that content is published. This saves your content owner from having to search and replace across each communications, resulting in significant time and cost reductions and improved brand control.

With Ebix Consulting ContentConnectâ„¢ tool, the assets stored in your Digital Asset Repository or Content Management System are automatically retrieved in real-time for your users as they compose variable communications in your marketing portals. This saves search and retrieval time, asset duplication and ensures the current and correct asset is being used for brand control.

Ebix Consulting Asset Management Services also help you deliver content in a personalized, multi-lingual, on-demand format. Our Software Development Team can provide you with custom features to enhance the capabilities of your repository such as custom billing, custom reporting and storage management.

Customers across vertical industries are enjoying the efficiencies, increased revenues and brand control from utilizing Ebix Consulting Asset Management Services.

Ebix Consulting is your Marketing Services Partner.


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