Prepaid Gift Card

Prepaid Gift Card

Reward & Recognition card

The EbixCash Reward card is the instant way to reward/gratify your employees. The card can be loaded multiple times over a 3-year period. It can be modified to be used at Jewellery store/ Medical/ Fuel merchants.

Fuel card

EbixCash Fuel Card is an excellent way to make your travelling convenient. It is easy to redeem, and assists hassle-free transactions, and is also acceptable at all fuel pumps in India. Make your long distances travelling easy, comfortable, and frequent rides smooth and light with the EbixCash Fuel Card.

Payroll card

The payroll card is a convenient and fast solution, which is a safe alternative to carrying cash. Reload at your convenience and reduce administrative work. It was launched in collaboration with Finly, and offers-

  • Petty Cash Expenses
  • Admin Expenses
  • Travel & Expense Management
  • Employee Reimbursements

Meal card

A convenient and easy solution to pay your restaurant bills and shop for all your groceries with one card. The card comes with a wider acceptance over any meal voucher in India at all network-enabled Food & Beverage outlets in India. It can be used at Food and Beverage outlets, restaurants and Supermarkets such as Big Bazaar, Reliance, D-mart, etc.

Gift card

The EbixCash Gift Card provides every organization the perfect gifting solution that’s suitable for every occasion. It offers complete choice to purchase, and is easy-to-use at almost every merchant outlet that accepts Visa cards. Such exciting features make this Gift Card an ideal corporate gifting option.

Brand gift vouchers

E-gift vouchers are the most convenient way of online gifting. These are brand vouchers which can be sent online to your dear ones! You can choose from more than 50 brands.

An Ebix Group initiative, EbixCash is emerging as one of the leading Financial Exchanges in India. With a ‘Phygital” strategy that combines 500,000 physical distribution outlets to a Omni-channel online digital platform, EbixCash has established an enterprise financial exchange portfolio that encompasses leadership in money remittance (domestic & international), travel, pre-paid & gift cards, utility payments etc.