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Over the last few decades, Ebix has built and grown a broad and diverse Healthcare business. Brands you know and respect like A.D.A.M. and Oakstone are now part of the Ebix suite of solutions. As Healthcare challenges escalate in complexity, Ebix too has grown its capabilities to provide end-to-end, innovative solutions across the patient journey from Wellness to Post Care to Insurance to Analytics. With over $1B in market cap and 2800+ employees, Ebix is large enough to meet a broad suite of needs at the largest Network Groups and small enough to provide high quality care for a single patient. From a population wellness solution that took data from watches, health questionnaires, EMR data and insurance coverage to provide the population real-time health awareness and alerts to implementing a complete insurance exchange presence for a major health network in 3 months, Ebix is transforming Healthcare!

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Address: 1 Ebix Way, Johns Creek, GA 30097
Phone: (800) 872-7848