Life Insurance & Wealth Management

Ebix has developed an unrivalled platform for the Life and Annuity industry that is revolutionizing the way business is done today. OneOffice integrates the front and back office functions into one platform that incorporates all sales, administrative, reporting and management functions. The result is unprecedented flexibility and control over your business.

At its core, OneOffice is a fully compliant Policy Administration System (PAS) for both Life and Annuity products. This eliminates the need for a carrier to maintain more than one platform to manage their suite of products.

Configurable: OneOffice is highly configurable and can be implemented to support a vast range of products and services.

Accessible: The accessibility for OneOffice is unprecedented in the financial services industry; it brings together client support, administration, call centers, underwriters, advisors and customers into one central system of administration.

Additionally, OneOffice provides secure web based access to advisors, 3rd party sales functions, customers and re-insurers. This type of access has traditionally only been available to back office administrators in the home office.

Adviser Channel Management: OneOffice allows the carrier to extend the product, policy, and commission information to their distribution partners. Access is granted through secure hierarchy levels for down-line commissions and policies.

Service Oriented Architecture: The Service Oriented Architecture enables you to interface with commonly used corporate functions such as accounting systems, data warehouses, and web portals.

Straight Through Processing: OneOffice is a complete platform to support all of your product and servicing requirements-from the quoting and illustrations to commission and claims payment.

Enterprise Communication: OneOffice provides customers with ease-of-use improvements in the area of customer correspondence generation.

User Interface: OneOffice uses the latest tools such as Google Tools to simplify the interface and improve the usability of the system. The user interface also allows users to customize the 'look and feel' of the application to maximize readability to suit their specific needs.

OneOffice for Life Insurance

OneOffice is a component of Ebix's complete end to end solution, Ebix STP, that gives your organization flexibility and control. OneOffice can be implemented within months, to support the sales and administration requirements of new insurance products. Straight Through Processing makes OneOffice flexible and cost effective.

  • Web-based platform for immediate and secure access to policy and commission information
  • Customizable user privileges for quoting, eApplications, underwriting, and policy issuance
  • Easily interfaces with the Ebix STP which includes advice platforms, illustration engines, eDelivery, reporting tools, and security controls for HIPPAA compliance and compliance with all mandated regulations

OneOffice for Wealth Management

OneOffice is a functionally rich, web enabled Ebix platform that supports a wide range of products across the Financial Services Industry including:


  • Fixed / Variable
  • Pensions
  • 401K / 412i
  • Group Pensions


  • Term / ROP
  • UL / IUL
  • VUL
  • Whole Life

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