WinFlex Multi-Carrier Insurance Software is a web software system that provides standard entry for multiple life insurance carriers. Both the WinFlex and WinFlex Express interfaces allow users to run multiple carrier illustrations while only requiring them to learn one system.

Single System Simplicity and Power

  • ONE System Illustrates Many Carriers - Eliminate the frustration of learning each carrier's software. Enter data once to produce a common format that illustrates many carriers.
  • Side-by-Side Comparisons - Compare multiple carriers/products in an easy-to-explain side-by-side presentation.
  • Advanced Sales Concepts - Illustrate the latest sales concepts including split dollar, deferred comp, and executive bonus.

Marketing and Product Reports

WinFlex Web extracts useful statistics about each illustration run on the system. Run individual or aggregated reports on agency usage to provide valuable data for product and market planning. WinFlex Web provides in-depth statistical reports that allow you to see real-time information on the carriers and products being illustrated, in addition to average face and premium amounts. With the WinFlex Web reports, you can now analyze whether your marketing efforts are effective and spot trends among your users so you can quickly plan how to increase production.

WinFlex Web

WinFlex Web Insurance Illustration Software

WinFlex Web life insurance illustration software offers agents a single system for multiple carriers and advanced sales concepts including split dollar, executive bonus and group carve out.

Provides Full Advanced Sales capabilities
Includes Product Comparisons and Composite for Multiple Clients

Eliminates software distribution and installation
Eliminates end user support for maintaining software

Insures all Producers use current software
Makes bug fixes available immediately. Simplifies and accelerates new product introductions

Allows Carriers to register users on-line
Supports upload of user lists and single user registration

Provides Usage Statistics
Captures data by producer, by product, by concept. Provides real-time views of usage, trends, etc.

Advantage for Carriers-

  • All your brokers on one website
  • Instant Access, controlled by the carrier

Advantage for Brokers-

  • All your carriers on one website
  • Instant Access to new carriers, new products

WinFlex Express

WinFlex Express was developed to allow you to quickly run more basic illustrations. We understand that there are times when you are looking for a quick, easy quote that does not include riders, endorsements or additional benefits. WinFlex Express requires minimal input and is available for Universal Life and Guaranteed Universal Life, Term Life and Single Premium Immediate Annuity (SPIA).

How Does it Work?

The input is minimal and once it is complete you will be able to select up to 4 products/carriers to review. WinFlex Express will generate a supplemental concept ledger and the same carrier compliance approved ledger available in WinFlex Web. Additionally, the MultiPlan side-by-side product comparison will be available.

After reviewing your products, if you need to apply a carrier's riders, endorsements or additional benefits, WinFlex Express will link to the standard WinFlex Web system where these features will continue to be available. You will be able to access the carriers for which you have previously been approved.

We will continue to work with carriers to provide their products through the system, and also continue to add product lines.

Participating Carriers

Each carrier releases a version of WinFlex with its own products to its agents. WinFlex becomes a multi-carrier system as each agent installs his or her preferred carriers. To obtain WinFlex, please contact each carrier you represent.

Accordia Allianz American General
American National Ameritas Assurity
AXA Banner / William Penn Cincinnati
Columbus Foresters John Hancock
Lincoln MassMutual Mutual of Omaha
National Life Group National Western Nationwide
North American Company for Life and Health Ohio National Pacific
Penn Mutual Principal Protective
Prudential Royal Neighbors Sagicor
SBLI Securian Security Mutual Life of New York
Symetra Thrivent Transamerica
Voya Zurich

How do I get products in Winflex?

For Carriers Only

WinFlex is the industry’s standard platform used to illustrate carrier products and create advanced sales proposals. Used by a large segment of brokerage and independent producers, WinFlex provides carriers valuable shelf space when it comes to illustrations and product selection. Additionally, the flexibility of WinFlex allows carriers to distribute the software easily and effectively to captive and alternative distributions. WinFlex can also assist carriers who are interested in a cost effective way of providing a web-based illustration solution.

What Products are Supported?

Most insurance products are available through the WinFlex system including all forms of life, annuities, long term care, and disability insurance. The WinFlex interface allows you to combine separate product illustration engines to promote your full portfolio to any desired distribution through a single system.

Support for All Distributions

WinFlex Web’s ability to create multiple distributions allows the system to be your sole illustration software. The unique ability to tie into multiple illustration engines allows carriers to provide their entire product portfolio through one system. Now carriers can gain the benefit of exposing their entire portfolio to any distribution. The system also allows carriers to pick and choose what products are provided for some distributions that may not have access to products. Whether it is brokerage, independent, alternative or captive, WinFlex Web has a solution for your strategy.

Administrative System/Reporting

WinFlex Web provides a robust administrative system for carriers. The admin system allows carriers to easily approve/deny users who request access to WinFlex Web. Additionally, through the rich reporting capabilities, the system will provide carriers in-depth information on user illustration runs. The statistical information gathered will allow carriers to enhance their marketing efforts by providing product and market trends far sooner than in the past.


The Home office for the WinFlex company in question supports WinFlex. The Home Offices also coordinate necessary contacts with EbixExchange concerning WinFlex.

You must contact the Home Office for the WinFlex company you would like. Check out our Current WinFlex Version Update page

WinFlex Web

In a Brokerage environment, creating life insurance proposals means working with multiple carriers, multiple clients and multiple illustrations. The last thing you need is multiple software systems.

Instead, introduce yourself to WinFlex Web from EbixExchange Corporation - the illustration system designed to offer agents a single system for multiple carriers as well as the most popular advanced sales concepts including split dollar, executive compensation and group carve out. Register or Log in to WinFlex Web

How do I get WinFlex?


To create a version of WinFlex linked to your own company's products, to schedule a live demo or to request pricing information on WinFlex, please contact us or simply submit the contact form.


Each carrier releases a version of WinFlex with its own products to its agents. WinFlex becomes a multi-carrier system as each agent installs or obtains approval for their preferred carriers. To obtain WinFlex, please contact each carrier you represent.

Register for WinFlex Web.


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