Ebix Consulting innovative Cross-Media Portal Framework provides you one place to go to quickly and easily create and deliver personalized print, email and mobile communications for effectively growing your business.

This flexible framework is used for communicating targeted marketing messages more easily and effectively. It allows you to implement comprehensive web-to-print programs and personalized cross-media campaigns that build awareness, increase response rates and increase revenues and profits.

Using predefined and customizable templates, use your branded site to store digital assets, create, personalize and order static, versioned and variable data items to be printed or delivered electronically (email, web or mobile) – all in a single place.

Since it's a framework, use only the features you need and you will get up and running much faster than developing a solution from scratch. Plus you can add functionality that other out of the box solutions don’t provide and that you need.

Our framework includes a controlled workflow with multiple approval levels, if needed, and supports multi-tenant requirements. It also includes an optional asset repository to store and use your digital assets for content control and brand consistency. Or we can connect our Cross-Media Portal Framework with your existing asset repository.

To improve workflow and gain as much efficiency as possible, we can integrate with your systems and those from your Data, Email, Fulfillment, Mobile, Payment Processing, Printing, Shipping, Social Media, and other providers.

We have leveraged our Cross-Media Portal Framework for dozens of our customers across multiple industries around the globe to help grow their business and achieve their desired results. Let us do the same for you.


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