Gives you the power, ease of use, and flexibility to improve employee benefits enrollment and communication processes.

Fringe Facts Online is a powerful and cost-effective suite of web-based services customized to your specifications using your benefit rules, codes, and method of administration.

  • Offers complete employee benefits enrollment and self-service for open enrollment, new hires, qualifying events, and status changes.
  • Allows employees to enroll in their benefits, add or change dependents, beneficiaries, view or print benefit confirmation statements, update personal information, find the answers to frequently asked questions, and more from home, work, or anywhere they have access to the Internet - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Includes all types of benefits including core as well as voluntary.
  • Includes Flexible Spending Account, 401(k) or 403(b) calculators, online surveys, HR and benefit forms, Summary Plan Descriptions, billing confirmations, and more.
  • Provides data feeds to HR, payroll, insurance carriers, and other benefit providers.
  • Includes an in-house HR Service Desk (Call Center) that allows your HR or Benefits support staff to enroll employees who do not have access to the Internet or assist those needing help.

Monitor Online

Monitor Online is an employee benefit self-service web portal that gives you the power, ease of use and flexibility to improve employee understanding and appreciation of their benefits

  • Present benefits information to employees and their families in a secure, personalized, easy to use benefits communication portal
  • Centralize and standardize basic employee benefits communication
  • Post all of your benefits forms, documents and links in one easy to access portal
  • Acts as a 'stand-alone' service or may be combined with other Fringe Facts® Online Services such as Total Compensation or Total Rewards statements, open and ongoing benefits enrollment, and employee surveys

With Monitor Online you can have employee self-service HR, Frequently Asked Questions, 401(k)/403(b) and Flexible Spending Account calculators, online benefit and HR forms, benefits comparisons, electronic delivery of Summary Plan Descriptions, employee handbooks, policy manuals, benefit provider information, and much more -- all available to employees and their families from work or at home.

Fringe Facts® eEnroll Online

Fringe Facts eEnroll Online gives you the power, ease of use, and flexibility to improve your employee benefit enrollments.

  • Features a paperless self-service enrollment solution for all forms of employee benefits including medical, dental, life, vision, prescription drug, disability, retirement, FSA, HSA, and more.
  • Dependent eligibility rules and audit checks allow employees to add only those dependents who are eligible for dependent coverage.
  • Employees may enroll in all forms of voluntary group or individually underwritten benefits such as employee and dependent life, 401(k), accident, cancer, critical illness, disability income, long-term care, pre-paid legal, ID theft, etc.
  • Automates all enrollment processes such as Benefit Credits, Guaranteed Issue, Evidence of Insurability, and Beneficiary Management.
  • Eliminates costly printing of ERISA and other documents such as Summary Plan Descriptions, Employee Handbooks, claim forms, and benefit booklets, etc.
  • Allows existing employees to enroll in their benefits during open enrollment or to create qualifying events after open enrollment and new employees to sign-up during their new-hire enrollment period.
  • Determines employee eligibility and calculates benefits & costs based on your specific benefit rules.
  • Includes standard reports and allows unlimited, fully customizable, "ad-hoc" reports whenever needed.
  • Provides automatic data feeds to carriers, benefit providers, HRIS, and payroll.

TotalComp Online

This fully outsourced online benefits and compensation communication service gives you the power, ease of use and flexibility to improve employee understanding and appreciation for their employer-provided benefits and compensation package

  • Shows employees their total compensation including underappreciated and misunderstood employer-paid benefits.
  • Gives you flexibility to present salary for time worked, paid time-off, and other cash and deferred compensation.
  • Includes all employee-paid and employer-paid benefits.
  • May include retirement and stock option information with links to the plan administrator to see their current account values.
  • May include "what-if" calculators that allow employees to see how contributing to their Flexible Spending Accounts or contributory retirement plan impacts their after-tax take-home pay.
  • May include confidential employee surveys or polls on any topic.
  • May include links to medical providers so your employees can quickly and easily find medical care available to them under their current health plan.

TotalComp Online will show your employees the total value of your total compensation package including fully explained and valued employer provided benefits, resulting in improved understanding and appreciation for their total compensation package, and often leading to improved morale and lower turnover.

Online Employee Surveys

The Fringe Facts® Online Employee Survey System is a comprehensive, web-based polling service that gives you the ability to automatically track and trend employee opinions on a wide range of organization issues. Web-based employee satisfaction surveys generally cost less and produce better results than traditional paper surveys.

Online Survey features:

  • Unlimited number of customizable Web surveys.
  • Easily customize your questions and responses.
  • Libraries of popular surveys.
  • Surveys may be anonymous or non-confidential.
  • Usernames and passwords to prevent unauthorized use of surveys and to keep track of those participating (as well as those not completing survey).
  • Surveys managed electronically.
  • Reminder E-mail messages may be sent prior to, during, and after survey.
  • Ability to monitor survey results on a real-time basis.
  • Ability to customize the "Introduction" and "Thank You" pages.
  • Ability to incorporate photographs, movies, slide shows, and other graphics.
  • Links to supporting materials can be included.
  • Option to permit or restrict employees from changing responses.
  • Results automatically tabulated and displayed with statistics with bar charts.
  • Results delivered in a presentation format that's easy to understand.
  • Results can be exported to Excel® spreadsheets for further analysis.

Electronic Document Notification and Distribution Service

Fringe Facts® Online Document Notification and Distribution Service is a fully outsourced solution designed to help employers comply with all Department of Labor rules for the electronic distribution of Summary Plan Descriptions (SPDs), Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC) and other ERISA documents. The service helps the employer avoid costly penalties and fines and will save them thousands of dollars by eliminating the high cost of printing and distributing their documents. This outsourced service includes a complete fulfillment service in those cases where employees request printed documents.

The online service meets all ERISA and Department of Labor requirements for electronic document distribution of SPDs, Summary of Benefits and Coverage, Pension Benefit Statements, and other required information.

The service includes:

  • Obtaining authorizations from employees to receive electronic documents.
  • Notification to employees that the documents are available and how to obtain them online.
  • Confirmation from employees that they received the notification.
  • Tracking of employees viewing their documents.
  • Distribution of printed documents or a CD-ROM when requested by employees (optional).

The Online Document Notification & Distribution Service provides an end-to-end solution for electronic and printed document distribution, delivery, and tracking. The service provides the following advantages, features and functions:

  • Greatly reduces the high cost of printing, storage, and distribution of ERISA and other documents such as SPDs, Summary of Benefits and Coverage, Pension Benefit Statements, HIPAA Privacy Notices, Summary of Material Modifications, etc.
  • Helps avoid costly penalties and fines for failure to comply with ERISA and Department of Labor (DoL) rules
  • Reduces the amount of time your personnel will spend keeping track of the required information needed to satisfy the DoL rules
  • SPDs and other documents are easily uploaded in Adobe® Acrobat® PDF format on a site fully hosted by Ebix
  • Revisions to documents can be updated as often as needed at no additional cost
  • Automatic tracking feature monitors when and which documents have been viewed
  • E-mail reminder messages automatically sent to remind employees (as well as their supervisors) who have not acknowledged receipt of the notification
  • Undeliverable e-mail messages are forwarded to the employer; addresses are corrected and new messages are sent or notices are sent via U.S. Postal Service
  • Reports detail the responses of each employee showing when they viewed their documents
  • CD-ROM provided to employer for permanent archival purposes contains detailed report of employee actions and includes dates they acknowledged receipt of the notifications, when they viewed the documents, and which documents, if any, they requested printed copies.

Call 1-800-533-1388 today to find out if your organization qualifies for electronic ERISA forms distribution. There is no cost or obligation to have us prepare an analysis that will tell you if your organization qualifies and how much you can expect to save each year with our service.

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