Routier is a logistics organization, conceptualized on the vision of revolutionizing the logistics industry. The company boasts of a strong ground-level experience along with rich technical expertise in data analytics, which enables them to deliver immaculate service even in an unpredictable environment.

With several projects in data analytics catering to the government and corporate clients, Routier aims at setting up an efficient analytics-driven supply chain system in India.

The operating model of Routier is an effectively-combined culmination of two models, namely the network model and the speedy model. The network model of Routier aims to create a cost-effective and well-organised network between the shipper and the transporter. The speedy model, simultaneously, targets to pace up the delivery mechanism by 200% by adopting a relay system, which involves a unique driver relay mechanism.

With the aim to create a true marketplace by addressing the major elements that impact supply-chain industries, Routier is indeed the most innovative and prime player in the logistics industry. Its system ensures 50-60% reduction in the turn-around time thereby safeguarding a better market place for the best price discovery. It constantly works towards alleviating the shippers’ concerns regarding the high leakage-prone systems, and strengthening the customers’ belief and satisfaction by pacing up the delivery time by 2x.

Routier prides itself in being a unique data-driven transportation model that implements innovative, specialized technology for automated handling of goods and generating digital reports. It focuses on refining the traditional transportation and discovering futuristic models and patterns to enhance customers’ experience.

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