Ebix Consulting provides a comprehensive and sophisticates billing solution, InsureBill. This solution provides user a vast selection of features and also helps to manage the revenue side of your business enterprise skillfully. Flexible and extraordinarily easy to use, InsureBill improves cash flow and generates timely, informative and seamless reports that improve efficiency and increase productivity.

The hallmark of InsureBill is that it's designed for more efficient cycles, which not only makes internal staff much more productive, but helps your organization progressively externalize business functions and reduce operating costs. A much higher volume of transactions can be handled by the same staff, and with a higher degree of efficiency. InsureBill, simply put, is a product that provides the highest degree of scalability and flexibility to match the growing needs of your organization, which is a vitally important factor when evaluating Return On Investment.


InsureBill supports single, multiple policy accounts, multiple payers for policies and non premium billing including deductibles, claim payments, recoveries, and subornation. A comprehensive suite of application modules are available with each indicating a concise, precise and methodical way to navigate through the system in the most effective, efficient manner.


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One Stop Solution:

For any Insurance organization which is in need of a complete Billing System, InsureBill easily integrates with legacy systems and accomplishes all the current and future needs in premium billing and accounting process.


Built on the grounds of a solid framework, the system delivers the cost savings, achieved from the implementation of Ebix Consulting's onsite-offshore delivery model.

Improve Efficiency, Increase Productivity:

The user friendliness of the system ensures enhancement of the performance.

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