Ebix Consulting's Claims Management solution, InsureWorks, is good for everything from supporting adjusters, managing litigation, accessing third-party information and everything else needed to get from the first notice of loss (FNOL) to the final claims settlement in the most efficient way possible.

As the amount of data being processed increases every year, investing in efficient IT services and solution makes business sense. The initial costs of installing an IT infrastructure are offset by monetary gains and efficiency increases that will last well into the future.

Features & Benefits

  • Comprehensive business rules are available outside of the source code. Thus, there are no product upgrades or messy re- installations
  • Easy rules updates through text-based commands that provide user the flexibility to modify the rules on the fly
  • Ease of use owing to absence of coding by the user and the ability for versioning of such updates and uses
  • User friendly interface
  • Total portability across platforms
  • Low overhead costs
  • Data consistency and integrity

Contact information

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