Ebix Consulting provides customized consulting and support services to the customers across the globe. This helps organizations to architect, build, manage, and optimize your IT Infrastructures. Our highly experienced team enables us to provide 24/7 support services to the clients. Ebix Consulting's consulting and support services are 100% focused and secured. Our services includes understanding the organizations architecture, planning & designing, implementation, executing and support.


Ebix Consulting maintains a 24/7 superior customer support gives you round-the-clock access and solves any of our client queries.

After implementation we execute the setup to check if there are any compatibility errors. If any errors/issues are found they are collected and solved.We also provide onsite training to our customers on the applications which would help them in the smooth functioning of a network operations center after implementation of the application in their environment.

Implementation of the BSA system will be done in accordance with the design specifications provided by the customer and also basing on client infrastructure environment

A plan and design for implementation is created along with complete documentation for the existing infrastructure. System configuration,alerts & alarms, correlation, workflow and escalation procedures are also provided to the client

This is the first crucial step to any successful Business Service Assurance(BSA) solution. The implementation methodologies are built by analyzing the client's existing infrastructure that needs to be monitored and developed.

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