Enabling business critical continuity is been a prominent aspect in the present competitive business environments. Business continuity is achieved through optimized utilization of available IT Infrastructure services. Health checking of your organizational IT Infrastructure is an incredibly worthwhile investment which also helps companies in proactively identifying current and future problem areas while ensuring industry compliance and well configured. Ebix Consulting offers IT Infrastructure health check services and audit services for global enterprises to help them in significantly improving their IT Infrastructure high availability and performance while reducing operational expenses and man hours.

Ebix Consulting provides insight into your infrastructure to balance the issues of performance, availability, operational support, security and cost. We at i3 review the current IT infrastructure and provide solutions & recommendations to enhance outcome from key performance areas. Our pool of skilled, highly experienced & certified consultants make use of advanced tools and technologies to run IT Infrastructure health-check/audit exercise and generate a complete report on the IT infrastructure performance to the organizations.

Assessment Process

  • Infrastructure Monitoring Tools review
  • Server Infrastructure assessment review
  • Network Active devices (Switches, Routers, Firewalls, APs) review
  • Configuration Management Policies and procedures review
  • Backup & Recovery Procedures review
  • Data centers and locations ( DR site readiness)review
  • Applications Critical for business and dependencies review
  • IT Help desk Management policies & procedures review
  • IT Compliance assessment & advisory (Software licensing, Security, etc) review
  • Hardware Inventory Management review
  • Business requirements (SLAs, AMCs, Support and maintenance Contracts) review

Benefits of Health Check

  • Reduced time to resolve problems using customer provided information
  • Minimized unscheduled downtime due to proactive management of your systems' health and environment
  • Appropriate data for support teams to identify and tune specific system performance and security issues
  • Prioritized problem areas, which allow the most effective management of your systems
  • Revealed opportunities for additional ways to help you, through consulting services

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