An increasingly complex pharmaceutical environment requires powerful, strategic tools and with demands for instant service from a Web-based world, Network Management becomes a tool for survival and growth. With our strategic solutions for pharmaceutical companies, you can improve service and enhance your competitive standing.

The realities of today's Pharmaceutical environment have increased cost pressures, mergers, acquisitions, and an unpredictable economy may require a change in business strategy to succeed. Pharmaceutical companies are utilizing network management as a strategic tool to remain competitive.

With our strategic solutions for pharmaceutical companies, you can delegate selected IT functions and create more time and resources to focus on drug research and development:

  • Distributed systems From desktop systems, midrange and distributed systems to high-end server operations, we can effectively manage and support any or all-areas of IT
  • Applications development and management we can assume responsibility for your organization's application development and maintenance needs
  • Network management and support i3 Software can manage, operate and maintain your business networks-including data, voice and video networks-and related functions and support processes
  • Data center Ebix Consulting can assume operation of your entire data center-or just selected areas, based on your organization's specific needs
  • e-business hosting services we can design, implement, manage and maintain your Web site and integrate the related infrastructure with your business applications and databases
  • Compliance Ebix Consulting can provide an outsourced remote administration environment that will assist clients in their efforts to address regulatory issues

Ebix Consulting with its Tivoli and Netcool portfolio provides real-time management and visibility of complex enterprise environments from high level service views to the underlying infrastructure dependencies. By combining highly scalable event consolidation, and correlation with business impact analysis, the Netcool suite helps organizations proactively manage critical applications and services and control operations costs. The Tivoli Netcool portfolio offers real-time dashboards with integrated business and IT metrics to enable organizations to achieve predictive service management and true strategic business planning. Tivoli/Netcool Solutions provides;

  • Faster problem resolution by quickly pinpointing the source of network and application performance issues to reduce MTTR and the financial risk of downtime
  • High availability of business-critical banking applications and networks through end-to-end response time monitoring and management
  • Improved reliability by providing real-time visibility into how network traffic is impacting application performance
  • Increased security by identifying anomalous behavior and unauthorized activity on sensitive networks
  • Reduced costs and complexity of network management by providing the only comprehensive network performance management solution that combines end-to-end application response time monitoring, network traffic analysis, long-term packet capture, network traffic flow, device performance, and voice and video quality of experience
  • Scalability to support the volume of flow data typical in the world's largest banks, providing real-time visibility into network traffic throughout the enterprise

Solutions for Pharmaceutical Industry

  • Consolidated Operations Management
  • Application Management
  • Server, Network and Device Management
  • Business Service Management
  • Asset Management
  • Appliance Offering (Can be tailored as per the customer's need)

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