To promote sales, a luxury automobile manufacturer had relied on providing generic pre-printed marketing materials for interested customers. Dealers needed a direct marketing solution for creating customized and relevant marketing materials to increase interest and drive sales.


Ebix Consulting deployed a secure Web order portal powered by our Crosstrio Marketing Portal for dealers to select from pre-selected branded templates, to customize and order full color brochures. The brochures are printed then either sent to the dealer for their use in the dealership or to the prospective buyer who has expressed interest in buying. Providing customized brochures that include a personalized letter, images and specific dealership information established a personalized and "pre-ownership" feeling among prospective new buyers to motivate them to purchase.


  • Empowered dealer users customize their brochures and increase sales
  • Personalization of brochures helps dealers stay in touch with their customers and increase customer traffic into the dealership
  • Achieved reduced marketing costs, and increased the effectiveness of its dealers
  • Maintaining effective management of design and brand integrity

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