Are you Trying to find and fix problems in complex mainframe flat files, these can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. Fortunately, even ugly problems like this can be solved quickly and easily when you use the right tool.

If you want to find a needle in a haystack, use a big magnet.

If you want to find bad data, develop new files or do research on complex mainframe flat files, use VTXDataViewer.

How fast and easy?

With just one click of our friendly, easy to use interface, you can merge data records with their file layouts so that you see every piece of data clearly defined by its field definition, while our powerful search features will let you quickly zoom in to exactly where in the file you need to look.

How complex a file?

As complex as you need, VTXDataViewer can handle all standard COBOL copybook layouts, and even extremely complex DTCC files - the messaging standard for the life insurance industry.

How Meaningful?

Plain English - We don't just parse data and assign values to a field name. Our tool will actually translate all of those obscure type codes on the fly and present you with an English meaning of the value, so you can understand your data at a glance of it.

Say 'goodbye', to all of those cumbersome lookup tables and external data references and say 'hello', to the speedy, efficient and accurate understanding of exactly what your data is trying to say.

Your data should be working for you... you shouldn't have to work for it!

Here is what VTXDataViewer can do for you:

  • Reduce the amount of time needed to develop or do file maintenance on sophisticated mainframe files
  • Quickly zoom in to the specific data records you are interested in
  • Reformat any fixed length flat file into an easily readable business friendly data format
  • Automatically parse supported DTCC files
  • Allow fast review and spot checking of transaction files
  • Dramatically improve the efficiency and accuracy of researching data or reconciling files
  • Translate the meanings of obscure type codes and lookup values in plain English
  • Convert files into Excel spreadsheets or XML files

VTXDataViewer is a powerhouse when it comes to working with flat mainframe files and COBOL copybooks, but it also offers extraordinary power when working with the supported DTCC insurance data standards below.

Supported DTCC Flagship Products:

  • AAP: Annuity Asset Pricing file
  • APPSUB: Application Submission file
  • COM: Commissions
  • FAR: Financial Activity Reporting
  • IFT: In-Force Transactions
  • LNA: Licensing and Appointment
  • MSD: Money Settlement Detail
  • POV: Positions and Values

By supporting these common DTCC summary detail file formats, VTXDataViewer allows the business user to reconcile the most routine data items at a glance, saving them time while actually increasing the accuracy of the testing!

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