Ebix offers a XML-document compare utility called VTXcompare. The utility is offered as a web-based service designed to mitigate risks inherent to changes in XML data used to support systems or business processes.

Developers and business analysts use VTXcompare to easily identify and report the change in data by interrogating two like xml documents. The tool applies data driven business intelligence rules to the data contained within the documents and records meaningful differences while ignoring inconsequential differences. The results are then presented on screen in native XML-language and can be printed in basic Business English for clear and concise results of what changed.

Major Functions:

  • Business intelligence built into the comparison process.
  • Filtering acceptable differences.
  • Interrogation of data that applies entity recognition rules at the XML Object level so that objects and their elements that may appear to be different are validated to ensure they are different prior to displaying them on the comparison report.
  • An online results page presents the differences in the ACORD schema language for internal developer's use to verify changes.
  • A downloadable report that can be printed or saved for future use. This report presents the differences translated from the ACORD schema language to business terms for external publishing of the changes.

Uses of the Compare Report:

  • Quality assurance for product changes.
  • Unit testing product changes.
  • Feeds the creation of a Quality Assurance test plan.
  • Product Development review to verify product changes.

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