Legacy administrative systems like Life/70, Vantage-One, and others have been the backbone of the insurance industry for a very long time. These systems require extensive collections of complex, interrelated tables to function properly. Maintaining these critical legacy tables presents many challenges.

VTXtabletalk offers a dramatically better way to address the challenges. Its user-friendly and business-driven secure interface eliminates possible user errors and greatly reduces the time and risk associated with the entire mainframe table maintenance process.

Maintaining mortality tables, interest rate tables, product definitions, and any other card-based data has never been faster or easier.

VTXtabletalk for Mainframe offers the following features:

  1. Fast, Easy, and Accurate Table Card Creation
    1. Automates the creation of legacy table card data
    2. View table data parsed with labels – No more counting bytes or cross referencing copybooks
    3. Easy access to historical information
    4. Supports multiple editing environments
    5. Integrates with various data comparison tools
    6. Custom fit to your environment with user configurable access to supporting tools and documentation
  2. Enhanced Workflow
    1. Multi-user capable
    2. Role based security
    3. Email integration for status notifications
    4. Supports users notes
    5. Work status indicator allows marking of completed elements
  3. Mainframe Integration
    1. Schedules mainframe jobs directly within the application
    2. Preserves report output in document repository
    3. Browse job reports right in your IE browser
    4. Backup and restore key mainframe datasets directly from the application

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