Customer Profile

Fenner & Esler Agency, Inc. is a privately held boutique insurance brokerage and risk management organization that has specialized in providing professional liability insurance and risk management to architects, engineers, surveyors and environmental firms throughout the United States for more than 45 years. Our design clients range from those ranked in the ENR 100 down to the single person studios with a broad range of disciplines represented. Our firm is honored by its status as the Commended Insurance Provider to both the AIA - Pennsylvania and Pennsylvania Society of Professional Engineers [PSPE].

The Challenge

A new engineering client [one of the country's largest] needed 800+ certificates issued in a matter of days. They had multiple named insureds corresponding to the various offices around the country with diverse limits profiles. We had the 800 certificates in Microsoft Excel format, with 12 different variations. I approached our internal "agency management" systems provider who told us that they could not provide "upload" capabilities from an Microsoft Excel format. [This is a nationally known software vendor for insurance agents. They actually went further and said that they could probably do it, however it would be a custom application and would cost us $12,000, plus it would take roughly 6 weeks to complete.] That wasn't a practical solution to our needs.

The Solution

We have been doing business with CertificatesNow since they started. I know we are by no means their largest client. When we reached out to Ebix RCS, their Customer Support responded with a "no problem, we can handle this request". When I asked if it could be done in 48 hours, they again responded with "no problem." The best part is that they delivered on their promise and I have a client who views our use of this technology to solve their problem as "cutting edge." [Not to mention that they want to explore using TrackCertsNow as an internal risk management alternative for their sub-consulting exposures.] It's a powerful product for brokers both large and small.


By selecting Ebix RCS as their partner, Fenner & Esler has successfully outsourced the certificate issuance process resulting in the timely transition of a client from the old broker to our brokerage. Our efficiency through this process immediately answered the question of our ability to address their "service standards." In fact, we now have become the de facto service standard that any other competition needs to live up to.

EBIX RCS Case Studies - Construction Risk Partners


Construction Risk Partners is one of the largest providers of construction insurance and surety brokerage services in New Jersey. "Construction Risk Partners was created with the intent to attract the best customers by offering and delivering the best service, the best value, and the best strategic partners."


During my twenty years in the agency/brokerage business, certificate of insurance issuance and management has always been a challenge, specifically from a timing, accuracy, and accessibility point of view. The certificate process has always been a major service issue with clients, thus, the proper choice of provider was critical. In making our choice of Ebix RCS, we looked carefully at each of these service elements and were ultimately satisfied that your product could deliver.


It has now been over three months since going live with Ebix RCS, and you have exceeded our expectations. Furthermore, the direct accessibility to the certificates has been extremely positive with our customers and has made us much more productive as an agency. This is the result of our clients being able to produce a large volume of basic certificates on their own. This is the classic "win-win" situation!


In addition to the fine performance of the CertificatesNow product, your customer support people have been outstanding. In our business, everything needs to be done "yesterday," but your people have been incredibly responsive, especially during the roll-out phase. In fact, it was a pleasant process. We are very pleased with our decision to go with Ebix RCS. I wish much future success to both of our companies, as we are true partners. - Jay Sciortino, Partner

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