The beBetter team, with over 30 years of innovation, is committed to these fundamental principles: continuous engagement and the establishment and achievement of individualized health goals.

Here is what the Organization gets with beBetter:

  • Programs specifically designed to each organization's unique culture.
  • A complete, Data Driven, End-to-End Wellness Solution.
  • Support from dedicated Account Managers to ensure you and your employees' success.
  • Flexible incentive plans.
  • Focus on the productivity related causes: poor nutrition, lack of physical activity and smoking by improving the core metrics of weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, glucose and smoking related ailments.
  • A 70-80% employee engagement rate.

Here is what the Employee and their Family gets with beBetter:

  • Participation in Organization wide campaigns and challenges to promote employee inclusion.
  • Personalized, self-guided, wellness plans specific to each employee's needs.
  • Coaching support.
  • Ability to track all physical activity automatically through integration to all personal wellness devices.
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Contact information

To schedule a live demonstration or request any other information about the platform, please contact us or simply complete the contact form.
Address : 1 Ebix Way, Johns Creek, GA 30097
Toll Free : (800) 872-7848
Email : EbixBenefitsAdmin@ebix.com


"Companies need a new approach - one that builds on the foundation of culture and engagement to focus on the employee experience holistically, considering all the contributors to worker satisfaction, engagement, wellness and alignment."

Principal & Founder, Bersin by Deloitte