As the insurance market shifts further and further away from paper documentation toward methods that utilize electronic data exclusively, it is vital to have a cutting edge system that is designed with both of these methods in place. EbixDM, the premier document management system for insurance agents and providers, is that system. This critical transition in data sources is central to EbixDM's design.

Benefits of EbixDM

  • Open up and share vital data - with EbixDM's central repository, agents can experience simplified company-wide file sharing of paper and electronic content, even while integrating with numerous management systems.
  • Focus on your workflow, not workarounds - create custom workflows through an easy to understand flow chart designer to automatically route and notify users of specific tasks. EbixDM also alerts those in supervisory roles of any delayed processes in the workflow pipeline.
  • Gain greater visibility - through EbixDM's advanced analytics your staff will gain valuable insights into business process, users, folders, and clients, helping to meet compliance regulations and reduce risks.
  • Cutback costs - reduce your staff's work hours per project with automated processes, a workflow custom set to your business needs, and greater access to the vital information you need to make the best managerial decisions.
  • Reduce errors - EbixDM offers data checking features to ensure that your errors and omissions are greatly reduced.
  • Minimize data sharing friction between systems - there is nothing more aggravating than having two great tools at your disposal and having your processes held hostage by the lack of cross-platform functionality. EbixDM not only works with other Ebix systems, but also works with most agency management systems on the market today.

Increase Productivity Levels

With EbixDM, agencies can drastically reduce paper loads as they archive emails and manage electronic content in the most efficient way for their workflows. Features such as email capture allow agents to efficiently organize and archive incoming and outgoing emails through its seamless integration with popular email applications.

On average, EbixDM users see a 20% boost in their document management efficiency.

Ebix's robust document management solution empowers agencies to effortless share and retrieve files via EbixDM's quick scan solution. This key function enables smarter document and invoice scanning allowing you greater control over your document and data sharing. Similarly, EbixDM's quick search feature decreases wait times and increases overall efficiency through secure document search and retrieval methods. By searching key points such as specific contacts, policies, claims, activities, descriptions, or through intuitive keyword searches, EbixDM can find the data agents need with less manual processing time.

Decrease Your Risk Exposure

EbixDM's built-in security features ensure sensitive data and documents only get seen by the appropriate team members. This is designed in such a way that workflow processes are not sacrificed for security and vice versa. Those in supervisory roles can decide what data within their team's workflow is restricted and at what security level. Along with these security features, EbixDM also complies with all standards for digital archiving and document storage.

Contact information

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