EbixExchange - USA

EbixExchange for P&C is an end-to-end exchange provider for the P&C industry. Utilizing platforms such as TEAM-UP Upload and TEAM-UP Download, EbixExchange for P&C offers a complete exchange path using the highest level of security and encryption available. Our products fully support ACORD standards as well as all leading agency systems. We also offer TEAM-UP translation services which support all ACORD LOBs and transaction types.

EbixExchange - Australia

allows insurance intermediaries and underwriters to transact together securely in real time around a vast range of insurance products and services. The Exchange has been designed to streamline all of the transactions across intermediaries you work with. EbixExchange -

  • Reduces administrative processes through systems integration from insurer to intermediary.
  • Helps process more business through automatic management of renewals
  • Allows insurance professionals to process quotes, submit and respond to new business make enquiries, endorse and renew policies, complete cancellations and lapses across home, motor, commercial, trade and most other general insurance products

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EbixExchange - New Zealand

Ebix Exchange in New Zealand provides an opportunity for Brokers and Insurers to transact real time electronic end-to-end policy issuance as an integrated module from within eGlobal. Features include on-line referral processes, real time policy number issuance, and automated customized documentation production.

The Ebix Exchange - NZ is not restricted to any particular XML data standard, and is therefore open to any Insurer who wishes to participate in this marketplace. As eGlobal is the dominant desktop in New Zealand, the advantage to any Insurer who participates is immediate access to wide broker distribution channel. From the Brokers perspective they are able to access multiple Insurer markets in a seamless manner, and are able to provide immediate policy cover to their respective clients without the completion of a hard copy policy proposal. This process provides a fast and efficient closing process that eliminates any double handling of data.

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