Web-based medical care management

EC Care CM is a uniquely managed care tracking tool that allows employers and insurers to monitor the cost and frequency of doctors' visits, the results of treatment procedures, and other diagnostics to help patients return to work in a timely manner. The system offers a built-in activity log and supports the entering and tracking of treatments (including certifications), return-to-work and claims information, and other critical case-related information.

Key Features of EC Care CM

    EC Care CM supports the entire medical and related administrative processes, from the inception of medical episode through case closure.

    With EC Care CM, you can create completely paperless case files by attaching any document to a case, including doctor's notes, physical therapy notes, X-rays and MRIs.

    With EC Care CM, you can track a patient's time off of work and the amount of time spent on modified work duty. The system tracks total time off for each case and provides variances from initial return-to-work estimates for future planning.

    Users can create an unlimited number of custom reports or use EC Care CM's 37 standard reports, including templates for administrative, case, employer, insurer and provider reports.

    EC Care CM can be fully integrated with the full suite of Claims Harbor solutions to meet your entire claims processing, reporting, payment and workflow needs.

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