IS-Elite combines the best features of our proven insurance processing software with web services, using service oriented architecture (SOA). SOA has been identified as the best architecture for implementing a web services technology platform.

The architecture of IS-Elite is based on SOA design principles, which enables us to deliver a modular solution that supports seamless, web-based, point-of-service processing, reducing the cost and risk of implementing and managing insurance programs.

IS-Elite™ Key Features:

  • Web-Based Virtual Policy Administration
  • Web-Based Claim & Risk Management
  • Billing, Accounting & Reinsurance
  • Automated Workflow & Decision Support
  • Web-Based Reports & Data Management

IS-Elite™ features Virtual Policyholder Insurance Administration using PolicyPointe® for 'Customer to Carrier Processing'.

Increase your insurance software functionality with enhancements such as ONdec™ SUITE for automated decision-making and workflow, and IS Web Data, which provides users with web-based access to key data in IS-Elite™. Data can be imported from other sources using INTGEN, an XML generic interface.

ONdec Suite

An insurance software solution for automating decision support and workflow to help streamline P&C Insurance Organizations: Ideal for insurance claim management and insurance policy processing.

ONdec™ SUITE, offers comprehensive workflow automation, deployment of decision support applications and e-collaboration for underwriting and insurance claims processing. ONdec™ utilizes browser-based technology and has wireless and mobile communications capability.

ONdec™ SUITE insurance software is the right insurance solution to help you:

  • Reduce processing time
  • Increase accountability and compliance
  • Improve customer service & satisfaction
  • e-collaborate with customers and service providers
  • optimize your resource allocation and use
  • improve your loss ratio

ONdec™ SUITE is available as an extension to IS4W®, deployed as a standalone insurance software solution, or integrated into other processing environments.

IS Web Data

IS Web Data is a new solution designed to provide users with secure web access to key data in IS4W®.

IS Web Data enables agents, policyholders, internal users and other authorized individuals to use a web browser, such as Internet Explorer, to access information in IS4W® through the use of a web-based query tool.

IS Web Data is compatible with MS SQL Server or Oracle, and is offered through a traditional software licensing model as an optional enhancement to IS4W®, or as an ASP hosted option.

Data Transfer Utility

Data Transfer Utility (DTU) is a new solution designed to provide users with data import and export capabilities. Data Transfer Utility (DTU) is available as a stand alone module for customers needing importing and exporting capabilities.

The DTU is a bi-directional data pipe that can seamlessly transport data between two disparate systems. The DTU moves and transposes data from various systems and can operate in real time or batch processing modes. It is an integral part of the IS Elite API allowing legacy systems to interface with IS Elite.

The DTU is compatible with any database, flat files, or XML files to transpose the data to the required API format.

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