EbixRCS does business with a goal of establishing long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with clients that continues on for decades. To achieve this level of commitment, we must not only provide high quality, reliable, and financially compelling systems and services, we must go much further by sharing our wealth of experience and provide actionable guidance to help clients reach their compliance objectives. Clients count on us to share our knowledge of insurance, transactional processes and data management systems to help them make informed decisions to select the best path toward achieving their desired results.

Our Discovery Process

Based on the experience we have gained over the past 20 years by implementing hundreds of clients to the EbixRCS insurance compliance management program, we believe that it is essential that we engage initially in a "discovery" process to gain a complete understanding of an organization's current processes, future needs and compliance objectives. During this discovery process, we discuss alternative service formats that are available, along with identification of the best option for initiating service. We also perform a review of your current insurance requirements and offer our appraisal of what can be expected when enforcement activities begin. We believe that by making a modest, up-front time investment, we can increase an organization's comfort level with EbixRCS's abilities as a manager of the process and, that the scope of service selected offers the best approach to match a given client's particular needs.

Stewardship Review

Stewardship meetings are held with clients annually to:
(a) review results for the period just ended,
(b) exchange information about respective business initiatives and
(c) establish goals for the upcoming period. Stewardship reviews help assure that the compliment of services currently provided by EbixRCS aligns with our client’s objectives.

Data Security

Maintaining a high level of security over our clients' mission-critical data is of paramount importance to EbixRCS. Data created and managed by EbixRCS is maintained on servers located at a secure, location and is subject to continuous back up.

EbixRCS uses industry proven standards and best practices to manage and maintain customer data environments. Our internal practices and security standards are periodically reviewed by third-party data security experts to assure that high standards of safety and security are being maintained.

Some of these include:

  • Strict Change Management
  • Audit and Access Violation monitoring tools
  • Internal staff audits conducted on a quarterly basis
  • Certified and highly trained system admin staff
  • ISO27001 certified by our independent accounting firm

Data managed by EbixRCS is maintained in Tier-1 co location facilities. These facilities use a series of physical controls such as:

  • secured server cages
  • Pre-Action Fire Suppression System w/VESDA
  • 24/7 Guards (w/ Access Logs)
  • Keycard Access
  • Biometric Access, Mantrap Devices
  • Video Monitoring
  • Redundant Power, Internet, and Generator fuel providers


Contact information

To learn more about Risk Compliance products or to speak to a representative, simply contact:

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Service : +1 770-624-2700, option 7

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