In 1995 a large, national retail organization approached Ebix with a novel idea. The idea was to develop a new product that would combine into a single offering:

  1. Insurance certificate tracking software and
  2. The operational/labor component to perform back office tracking functions on their behalf. 

The software they were using at the time was not robust enough to meet their needs and they were struggling to stay on top of the thousands of incoming COI’s they received each year.

EbixRCS accepted the challenge and set about to develop, as the proof of concept for the first full service, certificate of insurance management system/service. After many months of development, testing and fine tuning, EbixRCS unveiled this first-ever offering at the 1996 Risk and Insurance Management Society national conference in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The response from the marketplace was extremely positive and demand for the product/service was immediate.

From these humble beginnings, EbixRCS has grown this business to service more than 600 clients organizations. Our service team consists of more than 200 dedicated insurance, process management and IT professionals. We strongly believe that the most important component of growing our business is maintaining a sharp focus on providing world class service to our clients. And, that our current clients are the most effective promoters our services. Much of our growth has always come from positive referrals from our existing clients. Among our proudest achievements, is that the early adopters of our services who join with us back in the mid 1990’s continue to remain our customers, more than 20 years later.

EbixRCS is a division of Ebix, Inc., a publically traded company headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. The financial strength and support of our parent company combined with our singular focus on delivering compliance management systems and services, allows EbixRCS to meet our clients’ needs today while having the resources to develop enhancements and additional services to meet evolving needs.



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