In use by many of the Top 20 Fortune 500® Life Insurance Companies and thousands of professionals worldwide, SmartOffice solutions are now considered the industry standard for agency management, practice management, and enterprise CRM.

In use by industry leaders for more than two decades, the SmartOffice solution is trusted across the financial services industry to help improve marketing efforts, provide valuable reporting capabilities that drive better business decisions, and create a customer-centric environment that helps increase sales revenue. Select the solution designed to meet your specific business needs:


Designed for Financial Advisors who need industry-specific practice management tools, investment data downloads, integration with other applications, manage multiple lines of business and service a large number of clients from anywhere, anytime.

  • Seamless Outlook Exchange Sync
  • Powerful client and activity management
  • Integrated DOL compliance tools
  • On-demand client reporting for multi-discipline practices
  • Best-in-class security

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Designed for Insurance Agents who need to strengthen client relationships and manage and track insurance policies to help build and maintain a profitable practice.

  • Your firm's data is everywhere you are. Use SmartOffice on practically any device, no matter where your business takes you.
  • SmartOffice integrates with the apps you use most, including WinFlex Web, VitalSales Suite, and MS Outlook (ask us for a complete list of integrations).
  • Our AMS expands your firm's capabilities. Track proposals, fine-tune advisor relationships, and increase production.

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Designed for Wholesalers, Insurance Carriers, Broker-Dealers, and Banks who need the proven scalability, data security, and customization capabilities required to support CRM initiatives within the corporate enterprise.

  • Marketing & Sales: Identify and act upon opportunities with new and existing clients
  • Customer Service: Deliver consistent value to retain happy clients and generate referrals
  • Policy Tracking: Manage all types of policies, including share balances for variable life policies
  • Reporting: Provide your clients with consolidated financial reports
  • Compliance: Maintain comprehensive client journals that include e-mail communication, document history, and all relevant attachments
  • Business Organization: Transform your entire business into a manageable, shareable frameworks

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Valuable utilities to support your IT efforts

  • SmartIntegrator allows your IT professionals to integrate other systems with SmartOffice with relative ease. This open API makes the heart of the SmartOffice system available for customized integration with your in-house or other third-party systems.
  • DataXchange™ Enterprise provides proven, robust back-end data movement around the SmartOffice system.
  • SmartMonitor is an external application that provides visibility into system usage and process reporting.

Technology & Hosting

The technology that supports your CRM solution is critical to ensuring that your users remain happy with the system for the life of the project. SmartOffice is built from the ground up in a J2EE open architecture environment to help provide your agents with anytime, anywhere access to the vital information they need to deliver the best possible service to their clients.

Flexible hosting options

SmartOffice can be installed in your own environment or as an online, on-demand solution managed in our world-class hosting facility. Both options provide the high levels of security needed to ensure compliance and the safety of your clients' data. The fully hosted option helps speed implementation time and eliminates hardware costs. No matter which option you decide is best for your business, you will gain the advantages of SmartOffice's out-of-the-box functionality - the key to minimizing customization costs and speeding your time to benefit.

Business Consulting

We offer Business Consulting services offered by a team of highly experienced industry specialists trained to help you identify the deliver an approach to achieve your unique business goals. Our team can work with you to set a clear direction, identify effective processes, and implement an appropriate infrastructure and technologies, and ensuring a solution adoption.

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