Manulife (Canada) AVP Retail Markets

With the TPP product we are able to process our business in a very efficient and predictable manner. We're getting into our business with an understanding of the RISK far better than we ever have. With the TPP platform, we are absolutely in the game. The number of customers who are interested in this is really starting to build momentum and we at Manulife are very proud of the investment we have made in the system and in Ebix itself. We think Ebix's success is a big part of our success. It's a win-win.


Senior Vice President, Head of Distribution Development, Swiss Re

We developed a platform with Ebix that is essentially a straight-through term life process that begins with an eApp and ends with an ePolicy. The process was designed to be streamlined to simplify issued-type underwriting.

We have also worked collaboratively with Ebix to hook the straight-through term life platform into EbixBenergy to offer a voluntary supplemental life product through the customer work site.


M Financial Group, Director of Technology

The most exciting thing at the EbixExchange Expo was seeing the live demonstration of SmartOffice Anywhere. We are doing an upgrade next year and I was really anxious to see a live demonstration. Ebix really came through with that.

We have been using the SmartOffice platform for coming on 10 years. We have 150 firms nationally and we just passed a milestone with 100 of our firms using SmartOffice on a daily basis.

Ebix SmartOffice is one of the cornerstone applications for M Financial Group. I make it a point to make sure that we continue to develop our relationship with Ebix to take advantage of both opportunities that exist now and in the future.


President & CEO, DPP Wealth Solutions

There were many CRM options we could have gone with, but SmartOffice was the perfect choice for us. We have been using the SmartOffice system since 1988. With SmartOffice, when a client calls, not only do I have the client contact information, the key relations and the family members, I also have all the emails, their insurance policies, and the commission modules being used.

With SmartOffice, I know what the client is actually in need of. I know the last conversations my staff members had with the client. I don't know of another system that offers that.

SmartOffice integrates with my Outlook and it integrates with my other tools that I use. So the Ebix system allows me to really function simply. I am not a computer guru, so that makes a big difference. I love the idea of being able to use an integration of all the tools that we have with Ebix SmartOffice at the core.


America's First Financial, IT Director


Genworth, Director of Operations


Silanis, VP Business Development


Global Insurance Group, Director of Operations


LaserApp, VP Sales & Marketing

M Financial Group Director of Technology

The Ebix Expo is a great conference. It's an awesome conglomeration of people who use the SmartOffice CRM product from all ends – carriers as well as BGAs and distributors. It's also an opportunity to talk with folks from Ebix about what's happening and what's coming up in the future.

The biggest take away from Robin Raina's message at the EbixExchange Expo was the opportunity that Ebix provides, the breadth of the process in the sales cycle and the depth of the tools within SmartOffice. And seeing that, from the top down, Robin is focused on broad integration and keeping it seamless from end to end.


President & CEO, DPP Wealth Solutions

It's wonderful to be at a conference where there are great demographics with diverse backgrounds and ages so that we can all learn from each other. It's important that a conference like this continue to grow on the distribution side, the carrier side, the sales side and the professional side.

I really enjoyed hearing the vision from Robin about where Ebix is going and about how he wants to create this hub for the financial services industry, to use Ebix as the hub for all our services in alignment. I love that! I think Ebix is going to be around for a long time.

Senior Director Global Accounts,
Arvato Services

They understand our customer's requirements and are very mindful of the 'user experience'. They consistently deliver on what they promise. They are flexible, nimble, very responsive and reliable. The functionality of the web store has been very favorably received and has led to several other opportunities with other organizations within our client.

Open Channel Solutions

Ebix Consulting quality and on-time delivery is bar none. We would have failed if we would have thrown our code over the wall to a big outsource. Instead, we cross pollinate on a regular basis with Ebix Consulting and they have become an extremely valuable extension of our team.

IT Director,
Workflow One

they have brought excellent technical knowledge, print industry experience and the highest integrity to the projects. We keep finding ways to leverage this collaboration as an on-going strategic partnership

License Program Management Team,
Hewlett Packard Software Engineering Lab

We want to congratulate you and the LAS team on a job well done. Phase One of the Web delivery tool is up and running, but more importantly, it was delivered on schedule and within budget

Corporate Procurement Manager,

I continue to hear nothing but great things about you guys. Keep up the great work


I can sleep better at night because you guys are here.


The testing and installation of the application occurred one month faster than the original time estimate … overall, I would say I'm very impressed with the team's ability to follow-through on the project