Ebix combines a unique mixture of technology, data standards and pre-built utilities to quickly deliver a translation solution that is platform independent. Ebix's translation utilities support all ACORD LOBs and transaction types. The development platform provides a feature rich IDE with a powerful code completion editor, debugger, and extensive context sensitive help.

Ebix's Data TEAM-UP Translation Services (DTS) are fully integrated with Upload Bridging and AL3 download solutions. The combination of pre-built plug-ins to the development environment and Ebix's experience over the past 16 years of working with proprietary formats and ACORD standards makes for a powerful team.

Ebix maintains pre-built ACORD templates for each line of business and has data definitions, schemas and mappings for almost all supported download lines of business. Ebix utilizes contemporary and non-proprietary technology standards. Development is completed in Java, XML and XSLT.

Building and Certifying Download files

Ebix has extensive experience in translating carrier proprietary formats into ACORD AL3. Ebix will perform the mapping and translation of data as well as work with the agency vendors to acquire certification of the files for download.

Translations for Upload Bridging

Bridging data from agency system will require translation and qualification of the data in order to prepare transactions for your web site. Ebix has extensive experience of working with data translations going to web sites and back-end policy management systems.

Ebix TEAM-UP Download is the first commercially available "off-the-shelf" product that provides carriers with an easy transition from their traditional download "mailbox" methodology.

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