Ebix's Universal Messaging Gateway (UMG) suite is one of the market's leading ACORD Messaging Gateways and Message Management Tools. The UMG is designed to be the single point of entry and exit for all messaging communications–your Electronic Front Door.

The UMG is fully compliant with the ACORD Messaging Services, XML Specifications and SOAP v1.1 and its flexibility allows for the receiving and sending of both ACORD London Market XML messages and other non ACORD business driven data communications.

The UMG is a template driven, soft coded solution that enables an organization to efficiently respond to differing future messaging standards and formats.

The UMG's Messaging Interface web services API Connectors can process messages from:

  • ACORD Messages (Reinsurance JV) supporting multiple concurrent versions
  • Specific support for DRI * Other XML messages (e.g. iMarket, proprietary messages)
  • EDI Messages (London Market and other)
  • Spreadsheets and CSV files
  • eMail feeds

Contact information

4th Floor, Dashwood House,
69 Old Broad Street, London, EC2M 1QS
Phone: +44 (0) 20 7264 0440
Email: saleseurope@ebix.com