Ebix's Universal Messaging Gateway (UMG) is a component based messaging solution that enables communication between you and your business partners.

The UMG is designed to be the single point of entry and exit for all messaging communications - your Electronic Front Door.

The UMG is fully compliant with the ACORD Messaging Services, XML Specifications and SOAP v1.1 and its flexibility allows for the receiving and sending of both ACORD London Market XML messages and other non ACORD business driven data communications.

The UMG is a template driven, soft coded solution that enables an organisation to efficiently respond to differing future messaging standards and formats.

The UMG's Messaging Interface web services API Connectors can process messages from:

  • ACORD Messages (Reinsurance JV) supporting multiple concurrent versions
  • Specific support for DRI * Other XML messages (e.g. iMarket, proprietary messages)
  • EDI Messages (London Market and other)
  • Spreadsheets and CSV files
  • eMail feeds

UMG Forms & Workflow

It provides a user-portal allowing visualisation and interaction with incoming and outgoing ACORD messages, eMRCE emails and other types of messaging data, together with the ACORD level-4 business responses.

It provides customisable business processes for your users based on the type of incoming or outgoing message. Please see the UMG Screenshots page for the samples of the broker and underwriter user interfaces.

The following UMG Forms&Workflow packs are available:

  • ECF via IMR Document Download, etc.
  • ePlacing for all placing activities
  • Endorsements (ACORD and eMRCE) for all endorsement activities
  • A&S, eBOT Technical and Financial accounts
  • A&S via IMR (Insurance Market Repository) Work Order Creation (for brokers only)

UMG TransForm

UMG TransForm translates between different insurance communications standards employed by the markets.

UMG TransForm allows:

  • eMRCE eMail endorsement conversion to/from the ACORD RLC (G6 Skinny variant) XML standard making both endorsement mechanisms fully interoperable.
  • Spreadsheet bordereau from MGAs, for example, of any format to be converted to any other desired spreadsheet, .csv or flat-file format and/or ACORD standards.
  • London market EDI legacy conversion (Lloyd's and Companies Market) to ACORD RLC.
  • Other structured XML message conversion, such as iMarket, to/from ACORD RLC standards.

Available as a plug-in to the UMG suite or as a hosted online service, UMG TransForm is powered by our award-winning Universal Messaging Gateway (UMG) and provides:

  • Rapid, secure data throughput
  • Full audit trail
  • Full compatibility with ACORD Peer-to-peer messaging, eMail, the Lloyd's Exchange and RI3K
  • Cost-effective online real-time service option for zero footprint use, no hardware or software required in-house

UMG OnLine

UMG Online is a comprehensive online Insurance messaging solution. Powered by our award-winning Universal Messaging Gateway (UMG), UMG OnLine combines the whole UMG product family into a single online hosted service, offering every function and facility for both Brokers and Underwriters to trade electronically using ACORD and other Insurance messaging standards.

  • With UMG OnLine, subscribers can start trading immediately in any or all of the following:
  • ACORD messaging via the Lloyd's Exchange messaging hub
  • ACORD messaging via the Insurance Market Repository (IMR)
  • eMail messaging using eMRCE

The main features of UMG OnLine are:

  • Messaging Gateway - the UMG
  • Forms/Workflow - UMG Forms&Workflow
  • Data Transformation- UMG TransForm
  • Zero footprint technology, no hardware or software required in-house
  • Rapid, secure data throughput
  • Full audit trail and backup facilities

Other Products

IMACS Evolution:

IMACS Evolution is our industry leading software application for the Reinsurance and Insurance market. This fully integrated solution provides the following functionality:

  • Comprehensive Underwriting and Claims management
  • Flexible reporting suite providing user reporting, statistics and MIS via a SQL warehouse
  • Built-in FAC/QS/Proportional outwards Reinsurance plus optional XL R/I interfaces
  • Full accounting facilities including General and Brokers/Intermediaries Ledgers
  • Multi-currency, multi-company, multi-database, multi-site Soft-coded system configuration

In addition, IMACS Evolution provides the end user with an Internet/Intranet Java front-end client. Its multi-tier architecture delivers a technical infrastructure that is both future-proofed and customisable which enables the product to cater for a client's unique business requirements.

IMACS Evolution has its own integrated Microsoft SQL Server data-warehouse and OLAP reporting engine, which produces any number of complex on-line reports. IMACS Evolution's core system also produces a wide range of standard reports.

There are currently 21 licensed companies using the IMACS and IMACS Evolution software. Including the run-off market, this equates to in excess of 50 different insurance entities entrusting their data processing to IMACS. For one large client, IMACS is currently administering a book of business with over 57 million individual transactions.


RMACS DWARF is Ebix' reporting database for the IMACS and IMACS Evo reinsurance administration software.

It is a sophisticated yet simple to use web based reporting and analysis tool allowing IMACS users to build, organise and run their own reports from within a web browser window, as well as allowing rapid interactive queries over the data and "drill down" analysis over "OLAP cubes".


Contact information

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