As part of the Broker/Agency solutions for the P&C market, Ebix provides key software components and services for managing the entire lifecycle of a policy. The enterprise-wide products span a range of key functions including front-office management, policy production and customer correspondence, real-time data exchanges and business intelligence.

Key Ebix products and Offerings for the Brokers and Agents within the P&C market-


Available to Agents, Brokers and MGAs in the United States, EbixASP is an Internet-based ASP model Management system specifically designed to handle various sized Agencies, Brokerage Houses, and caters to all P&C lines of business. The management system provides a comprehensive set of insurance-specific, automation solutions, a claims module and a detailed general ledger accounting system. Also, the application has a far-reaching collection and payment system built in.

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As the insurance market shifts further and further away from paper documentation toward methods that utilize electronic data exclusively, it is vital to have a cutting edge system that is designed with both of these methods in place. EbixDM, the premier document management system for insurance agents and providers, is that system. This critical transition in data sources is central to EbixDM’s design.

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Available to the brokers across the globe except in the United States, eGlobal is an e-Commerce enabled client- centric application. eGlobal handles both structured data processing requirements, such as policy processing, as well as important unstructured client related data including correspondence, images and files. eGlobal addresses all of a broker’s requirements from client and prospect management to quotations, policy recording and tracking, document production, client budgeting and claims management.

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CertificatesNow automates the process of certificate of insurance issuance and management. CertificatesNow provides a collection of unique features that relieves the burden of certificate issuance and management. From renewal batch delivery features to activity reports of issuance, CertificatesNow is a streamlined and time effective solution for all your staff engaged in issuing certificates.

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Available to the brokers in Australia and New Zealand, this application contains full trust accounting facilities and several components to assist with compliance. WinBEAT is used by over 600 businesses and over 4,000 users Australia wide. Over 75% of Insurance Intermediaries use WinBEAT along with over 70% of Steadfast Members. WinBEAT interfaces with EbixExchange – Australia and EbixExchange –Online Quoting. WinBEAT also interfaces with the entire major premium funding applications both desktop and web based.

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EbixExchange – Australia

Available to both insurers and brokers in Australia, The EbixExchange – Australia platform allows insurance intermediaries and underwriters to transact together, securely in real time around a vast range of insurance products and services. EbixExchange – Australia is the only industry platform that connects intermediary systems with insurance underwriting applications. It allows insurance professionals to process quotes, submit and respond to new business, make inquiries, endorse, renew policies, complete cancellations and lapses across home, motor, commercial, trade and most other general insurance products.

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In addition to EbixASP in the United States, Ebix also supports its legacy agency management systems – EbixONE, Ebix Advantage, and ELITE. If you want to get more information on Ebix legacy platforms or have a support related inquiry, please contact us

Health & Employee Benefits

Ebix Health, a division of Ebix, is the premier provider of healthcare benefits and claims management software, primarily deployed over the web as a single server, multi-tenant Software as a Service (SaaS) offering. Our customers include many of the nation’s largest health insurance carriers who utilize our solutions to serve millions of covered lives.

Ebix Health dedicated to making the job of the healthcare administrator "easier" and "more productive." Our philosophy is based on a direct appreciation for the effort and challenge of creating high performance and sophisticated, user-friendly tools. This philosophy has served as the common factor in the development of the FACTS product line. With Ebix Health, you can meet all your health claims management needs from a single source - from software systems to hardware options to full-service training, support, and consulting.

Key Ebix Products and Offerings for the Insurers within the Healthcare benefits market:


LuminX provides the flexibility you need to manage the full spectrum of health and employee benefits. Each LuminX LX Business Block covers a specific line of business and, when combined together, they form a powerful benefits management system. LuminX also offers online benefits enrollment and eligibility; web-based reporting and business intelligence; and fully integrated financial capabilities.

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70 top-rated Life insurance companies are Ebix clients and Ebix’s Life exchange powers more than 10 million life sales illustrations every year.

Ebix's annuity exchange powers approximately $60 billion in premiums annually in the United States.