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Total Rewards Statements (sometimes referred to as "Total Compensation Statements" or simply "Benefit Statements") are effective and important communication tools that educate employees about the total value of their compensation and benefits package. Our Printed Total Rewards Service will:

  • Help employees have a clearer understanding of the total value of their cash compensation, deferred compensation and employer provided benefits and rewards.
  • Help you prioritize the importance of employer provided benefits like medical insurance, retirement and paid time off in an easy to read and understand summary.
  • Help your organization improve employee awareness of the benefits costs.
  • Help increase employee participation in voluntary benefit programs.
  • Help your organization create a dialogue with employees regarding strategic company goals and how total employee salary and benefit costs impact that goal.
  • Help your organization improve morale and reduce turnover.
  • Include all employee-paid and employer-paid benefits.
  • Use your company logo, other supporting graphics, colors, statement message (theme) and any unique requirements to reinforce your organization's brand and culture.

Total Rewards statements prepared by Ebix's professional team of communications experts will help you maximize the return on your compensation and benefits program investments by presenting them in a way that clearly conveys their value to employees and changes their attitudes, behavior, and actions in ways that support your performance objectives.

When You Call

Our Total Rewards team will help you determine the best way to present your compensation and benefits package. We will discuss every stage of the project with you, including your organizations' requirements, statement format, budget and production schedule. We will help you to determine the best and most effective way to present your compensation and benefits programs to your employees.

Because we offer both printed and online Total Rewards services, we will help you decide which method, or combination of methods, is best for your organization.

Some employers prefer simple, one-page printed statements with minimal graphic elements while others like comprehensive multi-page statements that include pie charts, graphs, and other visual aids.

We will send you several sample Total Rewards statements for your review. These should help you choose the most effective format for your organization. If you want to get a jump on that process, click on the sample statement images below.

Want to learn more? Click below and you can get an overview of what to expect when you engage Ebix to prepare your organization's personalized Total Rewards statements.

Designing Your Total Rewards Statements

Your Account Representative will gather information about your organization and your project requirements. Obviously, budgets are very important and may have an impact on the type of Total Rewards statement that you choose for your employees. For example, if you have a tight budget and this is the first time you've prepared Total Rewards statements for your employees, a single-page, legal-size statement might be the perfect solution.

This is your most cost-effective way to show your employees the value of their employer paid benefits.

On the other hand, you may decide that a more sophisticated and comprehensive presentation is required. In this case, multi-page statements with benefit descriptions and supporting graphics are the answer.

No matter which statement format you choose, your Account Representative will always keep you updated on your project costs. You will know your total project costs before we begin your project.

Once you have made your statement design decisions and paid the deposit, our Printed Services team will contact you to begin preparing your personalized Total Rewards statements.

Producing Your Printed Total Rewards Statements

We will start by reviewing the basic design decisions that you made in consultation with your Account Representative. Then we will go over general design requirements, statement theme, transfer of confidential data, and the production schedule.

We will expect you to provide us with the following information:

  • Completed Total Rewards Checklist. This will be provided to you after the launch call with your Printed Solutions Project Manager.
  • Descriptions of your benefits. We generally ask that you send an employee orientation handbook, benefits guide (Benefits-at-a-Glance) or other carrier handbooks that will help us understand your benefits.
  • Artwork: Any standard PC graphics format (bmp,jpeg, gif, tif, eps, etc.) is acceptable.

Once we receive the documents you provide, we will prepare preliminary text for your statements, along with a Data Workbook outlining the fields you will need to provide. We will not send you layout specifications at this stage. The Text Draft will outline the different versions of text that will display. For example, you may have a variety of different plans available for your employees. The statement can be set up so a description of the appropriate plan displays for each employee.

Your internal project team will review this first draft for accuracy, content and message theme. Your team can make any revisions needed. You have control throughout the process.

After your team has reviewed the text, our Printed Solutions team will begin the statement layout design. Meanwhile, your internal project team will be completing the data gathering phase, using the provided Data Workbook as a guide. The employee data file will be sent to us via our secure website, ensuring no confidential data is compromised.

Once we receive your employee data file we will perform a data testing routine that helps us identify any potential discrepancies, which we will convey to you for your review before processing the data. Once any potential discrepancies have been rectified, we will provide you with a Data Report and Statement Proofs for your review.

The Data Report will show all provided and calculated employees for all employees, along with any formulas used to obtain calculated values. The PDF Statement Proofs include a variety of actual employee statements as they would print in their final form, complete with color and graphics. Again, you are in complete control. We will make changes based on your feedback and continue this process until you are ready to review a final draft.

When you are satisfied with the Statement Proofs and Data Report, we will mail you a few hard copy statements for your final review before printing. These final proofs represent the actual printed statements your employees will receive. Click on the example Total Rewards statement images below to see several examples of statements created by our company: *

Congratulations, with your help, we're almost finished with your Total Rewards project!

Once we have your approval to print we will begin the production phase of the project and then mail the Total Rewards statements either in bulk to you or directly to the employees' homes.

Examples of Printed Total Rewards Statement Formats

Here are several examples of popular Total Rewards statement formats. Click on the images below to see the entire statement.

The following PDF documents require that you have Adobe Acrobat installed on your computer. If you do not have the program, you can download it at: Get Adobe Acrobat .

Examples of Client Total Rewards Statements

The statements shown below are examples of Total Rewards statements we have produced for several of our clients. They include some of the most popular formats employers are using today to communicate the total value of their benefits and compensation packages to employees. Click on the images below to view the entire statement.

Note: The quality of our printed statements is far superior to the reduced size images shown here. Ask us to mail several samples to you--there is no cost or obligation.

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