100% Web-Based Risk Management and Claims Administration

RiskEnvision is a modular, comprehensive suite of enterprise-level RMIS products that offers a 100% web-based total risk management and claims administration solution. RiskEnvision can be deployed to support risk management and claims administration functions including payment processing, reserve management, form letters and correspondence, policy management, diary, reporting, and more for Auto, GL, Product, Property, and Worker Compensation lines of insurance coverage in a user-friendly application, with minimal maintenance overhead.

Key Features of RiskEnvision 5.0:

  • RiskEnvision is 100% Web-based
  • Customizable User Dashboards and Analyses
  • Customize and add screens and functions by User Type without custom programming
  • Install in your current system environment, or deploy as an ASP solution
  • Designed as a total RMIS solution for Risk Managers, Claims Administrators, Self-Insured and Insurance Organizations, and Work Comp, Healthcare and Safety Managers.

Additional Features:

  • RVIQ rules engine: Define your own business rules, determine triggering events and resulting actions for decision support automation.
  • Business intelligence and ad-hoc reporting
  • The RiskEnvision Active Claim Panel lets users access claim and risk information quickly; Add unlimited user-defined fields, and control required fields.
  • Online incident reporting with optional add-on module, WebEnvision.
  • State-of-the-art regression analysis and predictive analytics modeling for in-depth loss and risk analysis using add-on module CompVision Dashboard.

RiskEnvision is ready for an immediate deployment so you can get a quick start on realizing the benefits of using a 100% web-based application for risk management and claims administration.


ACES has been developed in response to the growing need for innovative cost containment and claims management tools in the workers' compensation and property and casualty marketplaces. ACES is comprised of three web-based modules designed to deliver cost-reducing strategies not found in traditional claims management systems: Claim Profiling and Tasking; e-Collaboration; and Ergonomic Worksite Analysis and Return-to-Work Strategies.

Key Features of ACES

    Typically, 20 percent of claims contribute to 80 percent of a company's total claim costs. ACES identifies potentially costly claims within the first week of the claim and recommends specific interventions to minimize overall claims costs.
    Using a secure platform, ACES enables all parties involved in a claim to exchange real-time information, including electronic documents, forms, digital images, and other items pertaining to the claim.
    Using a secure platform, ACES enables all parties involved in a claim to exchange real-time information, including electronic documents, forms, digital images, and other items pertaining to the claim.
    The system's data collection capabilities can be used to enhance your data pool and assist in targeting costly claims. This allows for full analysis of cost drivers for closed claims and proactive intervention for open claims. Advanced analysis can also be performed in the areas of claim management, workflow and provider performance.


Web-based multi-line claims processing

Today's claims administrators face myriad of challenges that undermine claims processing efficiency, resulting in longer cycle times, and higher direct and indirect claims processing costs. Claims³ offers a wide range of workflow automation capabilities and provides core claims processing capabilities, including claim intake, compliance reporting, vendor services, subrogation and salvage, document management and imaging, and claims payment.

Key Features of Claims3

    Reducing overall losses and claim processing costs are claims administrators' top priorities. Claims³ has helped clients save millions of dollars by automating the claim workflow and payment process.
    Claims³ serves as a complement to existing systems and processes. From web-enablement to integration, Claims Harbor can help you make the most of your current technology investment.
    Claims³ can be deployed at the customer's site or at our secure, state-of-the-art data center. Claims Harbor's technology and workflow experts help clients install the Claims³ system with minimal IT staff time.
    With Claims³, adjusters can request the information they need electronically from the convenience of his or her desktop. Preferred vendor information can be added directly to the Claims³ service.
  • CLAIMS PAYMENT CAPABILITIES: Claims Harbor is the only solution that enables you to make claims-related payments using any payment type through a single, centralized system.


Web-based Incident and Loss Notice Reporting Tool

WebEnvision provides remote, online incident and loss notification reporting. WebEnvision has a custom-built web-based connection to the RiskEnvision database.

WebEnvision runs on a web server that attaches to the RiskEnvision database and software, allowing full management of any incidents or loss reports that are submitted, with access to all of RiskEnvision's standard risk management features. An authorized user can access WebEnvision via company's intranet or the internet.

For standardization and ease of use, the WebEnvision template can be attached to the RiskEnvision employee database, or auto fleet database, and automatically pre-fill information so the person filing the report doesn't have to manually enter the pre-filled data. It also uses codes and locations that you've entered into RiskEnvision so that the person filing the report is required to use standardized codes and location names--this ensures accurate report generation from RiskEnvision.

Key Features of WebEnvision

  • WebEnvision can be accessed from the internet or an intranet, allowing an incident or loss notice to be reported online, or by staff members.
  • Once entered through WebEnvision, an incident report is available for immediate viewing in WebEnvision, submitted and viewable in RiskEnvision, or stored pending a risk management or supervisory review, followed by submission to RiskEnvision.
  • Notification of incidents and loss notices are handled through the customer's regular email program.
  • Once submitted to RiskEnvision, incident reports are available for review or action and inclusion in reports generated via RiskEnvision.
  • WebEnvision Increases efficiency by pre-populating fields with data and standardized codes from RiskEnvision.

WebEnvision templates are custom built to your specifications. Incident and loss reports can be built for all lines of coverage used in RiskEnvision, including Auto, Property, General Liability, Workers Compensation, Product, and Professional Liability. The templates can be built with multiple branches based on logic identified by you and your workflows (for example, depending on the specific cause of injury selected in a Workers Compensation incident report, various second templates might open up asking for different types of information). Because each form is custom-designed and built, WebEnvision can be tailored to any workflow or business need.

Additional Features of WebEnvision

  • In addition to incident and loss reporting, WebEnvision can be programmed to allow other claims management functions so remote users can view details about specific claims, enter notes or diary items, and download reports or claim data.
  • WebEnvision templates can be tailored to each customer's terminology and workflows.
  • Use customer-defined terms, RiskEnvision fields and codes, and flow/organization of information for incident handling.
  • Get custom designed templates to virtualize paper forms.
  • Can be programmed to enable remote users to download claim data for use in Excel.
  • WebEnvision can be customized to work with multiple lines of insurance business.

Connect with the Benefits of WebEnvision

  • WebEnvision is a 100% web-based solution for online incident and loss reports. WebEnvision can be used for remote and internal browser-based incident and loss reporting.
  • WebEnvision can provide significant benefit for adjusters, brokers, supervisors, and other individuals that need to deal with claims or claim data reporting, but who may not need access to all of RiskEnvision's features.

CompVision Dashboard

A Web-Based Solution for Regression Analysis and Predictive Modeling

CompVision Dashboard is a state-of-the-art regression analysis and predictive analytics modeling solution that can be used by insurance companies and risk management organizations for in-depth loss and risk analysis.

CompVision Dashboard is customizable and improves business information visibility by giving users high-level control with dynamic charts and data views that allow them to spot trends quickly.

Key Features

  • 100% web-based application.
  • Integrate with any data source using the Data Transfer Utility - DTU
  • User-defined analysis parameters for prediction and regression analysis.

Additional Features

  • View detail for multiple or individual claims.
  • User-friendly interface: no programming skills required.
  • Service-oriented architecture (SOA) allows CompVision Dashboard to be used with multiple data sources from different types of databases, including the RiskEnvision database.

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